Day of Ashes (OOC 2)

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Are these elves armed with bows and the likr, or just the blade things
I have to wait for Bryah before I can post anything for Sam, think I may think about getting my post up for Lori soon though:3 it shall be violent, and bloody>:3
*walks off grumbling* It had better be ...

It will.

Are these elves armed with bows and the likr, or just the blade things

The Sentinels have bows and those throwing-glaive-multiblade-type-thingies and the Wardens have their umbra crescents.
I'll get my post up soon Sam. I was just thrown temporarily by Ein's post.

I'm going to pull out an old skill that hunters used to have but was removed.

*Bryah casts eyes of the beast*
They removed that?

I haven't played my hunter in years.
yes, unfortunately. =(
I used to love it. While waiting for raids/dungeons, a hunter friend and I used to play kitty tag by using eyes of the beast to control our pets.
I miss raiding. Especially on my death knight in WOTLK. I was one of the top on the server.

But then Army came.
ok posted things got a little messy in the forests, unless Lia wants to introduce her characters in BB he can use the carnage at the camp, and find Lori and Dalf on their way to BB:3
Thank you for serving your country.

Sam, it's up to you if you want Bryah's mend pet to work on you. She's not really expecting it to, so she won't be upset if it doesn't.

Oh and Hades is Bryah's lion, the one she used in Lia's thread.
I'll get another post up in the morning soon as I get off.
Back, working on my post now. :)
Yes Sydric has lost it. It will be a slaughter if he is allowed off the ship, but heaven help anyone who tries to stop him.

I am alright with Sydric being killed at this point as long as he can be rezzed. I will let you handle the killing part Ein, we can go back and forth a few posts if you like. Just set it up so he can be reborn. Either he can be taken to Acherus or some necromancer can handle it.

I am waiting to introduce Peinei. She will be part of a Sindorei delegation sent to investigate the assassins. I will have her leading the group, not sure how they would find out about the ship.

As far as the other distress call we got. It will have to either be we do not land on Booty Bay and turn around, or we touch down and engage in battle then turn around and leave.
Wow... Sydric creepy.... o.O
Umm Syd I think Ein meant killed like killed killed no rezzing, otherwise where would the emotional impact be if they could just rez him:P
Hmmm... there is that little cove, near Booty Bay that has pirates, would it be possible for Syd, Sandi and Renliss to be dropped off there so they can fight their way through to Booty Bay and deal with their hunger before the actually face the elves?

If not, it's likely to be a bloodbath.
Do whatever Sam will be here in a bed... counting the rivets of the ship:P and even if he was battle capable he wouldn't fight his own people anyway
I'm pretty sure here that I made a specific note of the fact that no one would be dying right now. Any deaths would be later on, right when the emotional impact would hit hardest.
and like I said Ein means perma death at least for the rest of his thread:P
Updated my post with Nathaniel's doings as well. :)

Well, to be fair, this is just a parallel timeline thing, so anything that happens in this thread isn't pertinent to more lore-restricted RP's. :)

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