Naga themed quest lines

Hey all,

I really enjoy Naga based quests, was wondering if there's a list of quests based around the Naga.
Kinda. They're here and there when you're near water. Did you do Azshara? STV?

When you get to Zangarmarsh in Outland, there's a whole zone and dungeon full of them!

ps. And then there's Vashj'ir where you get to be a naga!
05/06/2013 04:05 PMPosted by Vixie
Did you do Azshara?

There are no quests for Alliance in Azshara. ;)

Descolace has a naga chain (near the water)
Oooh, didn't know Azshara is Horde only now. Used to get beat up regularly there as a young n00b priest. Also used to fall off those cliffs regularly running away from them and elite mobs and the giant dragon.

Good times.

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