<Plan B> 3/13 HM LF Heals & DPS w/ Integrity

Area 52
Plan B is recruiting one exceptional Heals and DPS for our 3/13 HM ToT core team. We raid with an 11-man roster. Previous HM raiding experience and links to WoL required.


Restoration/Balance Druid
Hunter (Any)
Priest (Any)
Restoration Shaman
Mage (Any)
Warlock (Any)

Plan B was founded at the launch of Cataclysm, and our leadership has been playing since the launch of WoW.

Raid Schedule: Thurs/Sun/Mon 8-11 PM server (EST)

About Plan B

The intent of Plan B is to create an atmosphere free of the general asshattery that seems to be so prevalent on World of Warcraft and the internet in general these days. The ability to simply change names and/or transfer servers has taken all accountability out of people's actions.

Either people forget that there's a real person behind the characters we play, or they simply don't care. Others might put up with it because the individual is a good raider or a good PvPer, and they're more worried about progression and the next tier of loot than decency and civility.

Not in Plan B.

We have three tenets:

1.Have integrity.
2.Treat others with respect.
3.Have fun.


You must have a working headset and use it.

We want active players who not only log on for scheduled raids, but also socialize in guild. We also want competitive players who strive to be the best at their class and are always looking for ways to improve. We expect all raiders to min/max their gear and have two maxed professions.

We expect our Raiders to be competitive and play with progression in mind. We want individuals who can maintain at least 90% attendance for our 3-day schedule. We expect all applicants to maintain close to 100% attendance during their trial period.

All Raiders must have a stable internet connection, working microphone, come to raids on-time, and be fully prepared for the fights ahead. We expect our Raiders to know as much about a fight as possible before even stepping into the instance.

Iophiel (Rainne#1828)
Benjamin (Joey#1961)
Nevaduck (IkesFolly#1173)

Website: http://www.planbguild.com
I have been raiding since Wrath end game heroic content and am currently 1/12HToT. I am looking for a raiding guild with your schedule. I am willing to xfer if Im accepted. I am very reliable and consistent in attendance.My battle tag is Lilly#1249. I would love to hear from you.
Still looking for a DPS with heals off-spec.
Bump for tank.
Working on it, gimme time. Gotta hit 90 and gear up. Had to switch from Pally to War since Paladin was a problem for ya'll...
Bump for tanks.
Bump for tank and DPS.
Bumping on Ben's behalf. He's at work killing terrorists and saving the world.

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