Suggestions to make Surv/MM different

I don't think Blizz will go for petless being a standard, option maybe.

Rest of it, /sign (although I do like my didn't have a melee hunter though)

also if MM is designed to be self sufficient (petless) it would be simpler to flip between the option to control a pet or not if all it means is shifting a small portion of the damage source and probably providing a buff (1 of the 8, B-rez, Hero), the other debuffs/utility the MM would already have access to in his own way which would primarily consist of a form of roar of sacrifice, and master's call. then it'll need a form of CC or way to screw the enemy's momentum and a stat reduction against the enemy

basically this would also mean no pet specs for MM to prevent double dipping into pet tools and keeping the pet's damage controlled. BM and SV would still have access to the specs, while only BM gets to go deeper into the pet. accentuating BM's Mastery over Beasts.

Roar of Sacrifice = Prisoner of War reduce the damage taken when affected by roots or stuns by 50% for teh next 10 secs but focus regen stops and you loose 5 focus per strike recieved until you have 0 focus after which the effect cancels and the focus lost returns gradually over 10 secs, 1 min CD (just an idea.)

Master's call = haven't thought of it yet.

CC = rickocheting shot disorients your main target and also affects enemy target's within 8 yards of the initial target, works like avenger shield so it'll avoid hitting CC, and it'll deal less damage as it jumps from target to target, 25 sec CD, 40yrd range, replaces scatter shot. (just ideas)
CC = Pin shot... nuff' said.

debuff = expose weakness via HM or via AimS crits,
this is sounding slightly more like a SV than a SV Hunter. which is not what I was aiming for,
maybe having it as a glyph option with a small bonus to the over all lost and gain of abilities.

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