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Maybe i should ask rogues but some of you might know. how do i make a prowl macro that wont break prowl when im prowling. ha say that 5 times fast
I have this macro bound and it's one button for cat form and then prowl if not in combat

/cast [combat,form:3] !Cat Form;
/cast [form:0/1/2/4/5/6] !Cat Form;
/cast [nocombat,form:3,nostealth] Prowl;
/cast [nocombat,form:3,stealth] Prowl
sorry that wasnt what i was looking for more like a prowl but if im in prowl it wont take it off if i accidently hit it again
/cast !prowl

The "!" stops you from cancelling anything, so it works with shapeshifts too
Wouldn't not pressing the prowl button serve the same purpose?

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