ROC is recruiting for TOT 10 man

Reapers of Chaos is recruiting for its core 10 man raid team. We are currently in need of cloth dps, plate dps, a few healers, and a tank. We are raiding Tues/Thurs/Monday 7 to 10 realm time. We are 4/12 in TOT and have had numerous players quit the game, which is why we are rebuilding our team. Our raid times and days are somewhat flexible. We would consider taking in a smaller guild to make our 10 man group work. My battletag is exceptional#1740 if you want to talk to me in game. We also will take the casual player or people interested in subbing. You can contact any of the officers in the guild for further information or send me a message.
In need of warlock and possibly melee dps with tank OS for a core position 510 IL with at least 4/12 experience. We have progressed to 6/12 and need members who can come to all three raid days. Tue/Thurs/Monday 7 to 10. Also looking for social members and members who like to PVP part time.
We are in need of a tank with a solid off spec preferably a healing off spec. We also are looking for a holy pally, monk or druid healer again with a solid off spec. 510 IL or higher and have at least some TOT raiding experience. If you have an healing alt, don't want to leave your guild, can only raid on Thursday, and are willing to come into a progression raid talk to me. Also looking for casual players.

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