Bartender Addon and Monks...

Recently I made a monk and have noticed a bug with the bartender addon in that some of the bars are linked, such as when placing an ability in slot 1 of Bar 1 it will place the same ability in slot 1 of Bar 7 (when in tiger stance specifically). The same thing will happen but with Bar 1 and Bar 8 when in the ox stance.

Has anyone else noticed this? Is there something within the addon that can be changed to resolve this annoying bug? Thanks.
I'm having the same issue with Dominoes (I was using BT because of this same deal),
i had the same issues with bartender, no fix though :(
It's not a bug. Bartender (and I think Dominoes) use the default Blizzard button storage...just appends extra configuration settings to them. The upside to this is your buttons and keybinds are stored should the addon break or you go to a different computer that doesn't have the addon and all your buttons are there. Just in the ugly default bars. The downside to this is that you're limited to the default number of bars and only them.

Bars 1-6 are normally there. They're what appear when you scroll through them (disable Bartender, click the up/down arrows) and what you appear when you enable additional bars in the options. 7-10 are special bars, reserved for different stances: druids, monks, probably warriors, Rogue stealth, Shadowform etc. What happens, if you play a Druid, when you shift into Bear form is that the game loads whatever one of those special stance bars is keyed to Bear form and replaces Bar 1 with it. Bar 1 is your default, no-stance, no-form bar. It's the bar you have when you're, for example, a Feral-specced druid but in your caster (Night Elf, Troll, etc) form.

For some classes, Monks included, there isn't that "no-stance" stance. You can't NOT be in a stance. So your Bar 1 is permanently replaced by your special stance bar for whichever stance you're in. They appear to be linked, but they're actually the same bar. That's why changing one button on one changes it on the other.

Unfortunately, there's no way around it unless you use a totally different bar addon that uses its own bars and its own configuration, like Macaroon. I'm not even sure if that's around anymore.

EDIT - It is. It's called Ion now.
I was experiencing this also, but it randomly stopped happening.. Entirely unsure as to why.
its not a bug, it's just a setting in bartender, here's how to fix it.

Bar 1 is paging with bar 7. Open up bartender, highlight bar 1 on the left, go to the state configuration tab and in that window you'll see 'stance configuration', chances are bar 7 is showing under one of your stances, just change it to 'Don't Page', and make sure they are all set to don't page there (for monk ) then you're all done! No more bar linking xd .. hit close and play
here's a quick example for bear/kitty (rogue/warrior, it's all the same) well maybe not quick...

you'll want to page bar 1 to a bar your not using in your current bartender interface.
that's right - to a bar your not using. That's where all the problems are right there, caused me a lot of grief lol. There are other bars being paged to bar 1 that are in use, hence the bar linking. Took me forever to figure this out - You need to set it up bar 1 to another bar your not using in bartender. This goes for all classes that have different stances or forms, exception is Monk.

Just remember when you set all this up, make sure you're setting up under bar 1

for Example: on your druid.. say boomkin, you can just set up bar 1 normally, be in bar 1 state configuration in bartender options and make sure default bar stance is not paged and place the spells you use in bar 1, be in boomkin form, just makes things easier.
Because you've already got bar 1 set as default for boomkin, your can set 'moonkin form' to not page in state configuration. Now bar 1 is your default Moonkin set up.

If you want to change to bear/kitty then:
you could use bars 9 & 10 to set up bear/kitty. It just needs to be bars you're not using and you'll need to make sure they are enabled. Just don't forget to go back to bar 1 options after you've enabled them. You can place bars 9 & 10 anywhere on your screen because you'll be hiding them later anyway.

set up bar 9 how you would want bar 1 to look in bear, spells etc. (be in bear form) make sure that you have selected bar 9 in 'bear form' in stance configuration window. You'll notice that in fact bars 1 and 9 are now linked -- but it's a controlled link and it's what you want.

Use bar 10 to set up how you want kitty to look in bar 1, spells, etc (be in kitty form) and make sure bar 10 is selected in the 'cat form' in the stance configuration window. Same thing, they'll be linked together bars, 1 and 10 and you want it to be this way.

Once you're done setting these up make sure your other stances/forms under state configuration are set to not page. Then hide bars 9 and 10! (or whatever bars you choose that you are not using in your normal UI) hit close and you're done! now you shouldn't have anymore unwanted bars linked together except for the ones you want. Now change forms or stances. No more linked bars and everything is how it should be.

edit: spelling! forgot to add you need to change pages as well in stance configuration once your bars set up to how you want - and other stuff

hope that helped, don't think I forgot anything this time lol.. promise
you are so awesome, thank you :D

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