[Recruitment] 1/13H This Game is SO Hard

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About "This Game is SO Hard"

We are a guild founded off Vanilla experienced players. Our sole focus when playing this game is to progress to new bosses and get out of the old content. Farm content is dull, and if that's all WoW had to offer, we wouldn't be playing. Getting those first kills on tough fights are why we play this game. Aside from that we do enjoy busting each others balls, and having a good time on fights that we can do with our eyes closed. We like to joke and goof around while still getting content cleared; but when it comes to new content, the jokes end and we get serious.


We are looking for players that realize WoW is more MMO and less RPG. By which we mean that we want players that recognize the social aspect and goals of this game. Let's be honest, if this were a single player game it would be very dull. We want people that are active online, enjoy hanging out outside of raids, and generally just fun to play with. While we do enjoy goofing on each other, we also want people that understand what respect means, and how to give and earn it. You need to be the kind of player that understands the guild's success is your success.

We want the best that your class has to offer. Are you always looking for ways to improve yourself? Are you trying to figure out what a person of your class did to “beat” you rather than sum it up as gear or RNG? Do you look forward to wipes and progression? Do you like everything WoW has to offer? If so, we want you!


Practically every serious guild makes this promise. Most fail to deliver. We understand that one of the biggest guild killers is stupid, pointless drama. Should an issue arise that can not be immediately resolved, then the offending person(s) are simply removed from raid and we continue on without them; leaving them to wait until we're done with the raid before we deal with them. The raid comes first, always. What you do on your own time is your own business, but the moment you step foot into a raid with 9 other people, you are no longer on your time. You're on the guilds time. It isn't your 3 hours spent raiding that night, it is the raids collective 3 hours spent raiding that night. NO ONE, and I repeat NO ONE has the right to waste it.


Our goal in our guild is to build a strong community that we can say we are the best here. We wish to push for US top 100, with this we can start towards competing and only go up.


We are currently looking for a Tank and a Mage, but well experienced built players are always looked at.

We are targeting players who are looking to excel in a team progression format. We are also willing to speak to groups of players and or people who are tired of their current guilds and looking for a push. Again, we seek only great players to push and pass our goals to make names for themselves. We have the leadership and Council, now just looking for you.

If you feel you or a group of players in your guild are leaps and bounds ahead of your fellow raiders in skill / desire to push content hard and do it properly, OR if you are a recruitment officer / GM and want the best for your skilled players but tired of endless player hunting to round your roster out and just want join your best with our best - we want you! don't carry players who can't grasp simple concepts and game mechanics anymore, talk with us and be apart of something great!

Raid Schedule

Our Raid times are as follows:

- Tuesday 9:00pm - 12:00am
- Thursday 9:00pm - 12:00am
- Sunday 9:00pm - 12:00am
- Realm Server Time


Our loot Council decides who gets what. Be good to us and we will be good to you.
The deciding factors are:
1. Attendance
2. Performance
3. Attitude

Contact & Information

If you are interested, please leave a short bio of yourself and your RealID and we will contact you.
If you seek more information you can contact me directly through our RealIDs:

If you want to check us out and or apply please feel free to contact any member and ask for an Officer.

still looking.
Looking for Mage and Fury Warrior / DK Tank!

11/12N clearing 12/12 soon
arms warrior? :D
sure msg me in-game we can talk. sorry didnt get to you lastnight :)
Hey I wasn't sure if u would be interested in a Blood DK I sent u a realid request. Check me out and let me know!
hey sorry for the error, my battle tag was incorrect its Xaphus#1471 but yes I'm very interested in speaking with ya. :)
Cheers, filling out nicely.
Looking for Mage for Core Group!
Still Looking!
1/13 heroic as guild now.
Any room for a holy pally?
sorry no space for a holy paladin at this time.
Would really love to raid with you guys however i cant raid until like 10pm on Sundays.
We're currently solid on raiders, could use back ups for raids and just more people in general to join to do fun stuff with. We've been working on last tiers' metas and PvPing after raids but seems like we never have quite a full group for off nights.

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