How to update graphics card drivers on rMBP?

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Hey yall,

I know for Windows, it tells you if there is a newer version of driver for your graphics card.
And you pretty much go to their website and download it.

But what about Macbook Pro Retina Display?
I have GeForce 650M installed in here,
but I don't know if I am using the latest version of driver or not.
I can't even check what version of driver I'm using.
Does anyone know how to check the driver for my graphics card, and how to update them?
I went to their website, but they say they don't support Mac.
But then I'm using GeForce.... so I'm greatly confused here.
Help would be appreciated.
When you do a Software Update apparently the Apple server(s) scan your system to see if there are drivers or other software updates for your particular model/version of Mac.

I always do my software update manually but the update function can be set to automatic IIRC.

And even if your update is set to automatic, you should be able to manually conduct a software update scan by clicking on the apple icon (top left on my screen) & choosing "software update."
Newest, if you are not yet running 10.8.3, you should update using the Combo Updater linked here:

It will have the most up to date graphics drivers you can have right now.
10.8.3 provides nvidia drivers from the 304.xx branch. they are a bit old and 10.8.4 catches is up a little to 310.xx branch (mac never got any of the in betweens windows did of course) and windows is at 314.xx last i checked. we are always lagging behind. none the less 10.8.3 is latest now and 10.8.4 is in beta now (but nvidia and ati drivers seem finalized now as they stopped getting bumped 2 builds ago) so it could be a sign we'll see 10.8.4 update soon™

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