Unlearn Jewelcrafting for Engineering: Worth?

Hey all,

My jewelcrafting skill is 600/600 in this character, but im thinking about unlearning the profession and then level up engineering or blacksmithing.

Gems are kinda cheap in my realm, so its easy to buy them in the AH, but hard to obtain a decent amount of gold with JC. This is the main reason why i dont think JC is being usefull to me.

Should i unlearn JC? If yes, then what is better for DKs: Engineering or Blacksmithing?

Thanks in advance
Engineering is not really a money making profession. It is not designed to be a money making profession. It trades the ability to easily make money for gadgets and gizmos that Engineers can use. So if you're primary reason to switch is to make money, then you will probably not want Engineering.

Jewelcrafting makes more money than Blacksmithing over time. Do not be fooled by the high list prices of items selling for blacksmithing. While a blacksmith might sell an item for a few thousand profit, the jewelcrafter will sell hundreds of items per day at smaller profits. These add up to make more money over time. After a new Tier Patch, it isn't uncommon for a good Jewelcrafter to sell 2000 to 3000 gems in a day. Ore on your server is still twice a valuable prospected than it is as a bar for Blacksmithing materials. That is a lot of profit potential.

Tyvm for the answer, so i think i will stick with JC for now.

I dont really understand the economy behind the AH and gold-making, so, another question, please: It is probably more profitable to sell the prospected ore (the "raw" gems) or the cutted gems? And it is better to sell them at the AH or using the Trade chat?

Thanks again for your help :)
It varies greatly by server and faction. Sometimes bars sell for higher prices/ore than ore does. Sometimes perfect green quality gems sell for higher prices and regular blue quality.

Try to find a niche, some items like glyphs are very cutthroat competitive (you'll post some and 30 seconds later you'll be undercut by one copper), some are slow selling but make nice profits.

AH is probably the only way to move large quantities of items
Thx for the help, both =)
OP, you can use the website below to analyze your factions ah. It's already set for your server and chosen profession. In this case, JC.


Good luck to finding that right market for your chosen server and profession.

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