LF Friday night / Weekend day Raid Guild

Hey guys

500 ilvl tank I've done 3/12 ToT Normal. I'm looking for raiding guild that raids Friday night and/or During the day on the Weekends. I have fair bit of experience in ToT on my main which I've completed 4/13HM and I'm looking for spot in a guild to relax and have fun after a long week of hard work.

If you're keen please leave your details here and I'll get back to you.

p.s I cannot raid Wed/Thu/Sun/Mon 8pm-12am as I raid on my main during these times.

My guild is looking at transferring over on May 11th. If your still looking for a guild by then, I have a couple of officers setting up for a 10man raid core on offnights of the 25man core I am setting up. please add me to Real ID @ Trust#1817
Will do.


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