[H] Raiding, PVP/WPVP, Casual Recruiting all

Bleeding Hollow
Sudo Pwn is a fairly mature, friendly group looking for like minded players.

We have a full 10man and a second 10man in the making.
We'd love to have lots of active 90's and levelers in the guild.

Our Core 10man raids Tues. Thurs. Sat. (Sun. optional clean up or old raids)
10:15pm-1:15am Server
Not sure yet when the second group is running.
As far as I know they are looking for just DPS
For more info on the second group talk to Kayazy or Pandato

As for PVP a few of us enjoy RBGs, casual BGs and of course arenas.
While others like to stomp on alliance in the world (:<

Guild Leaders:
GM - Nyxaria
Co-GM - Patchems
Imperator (3rd in command) - Gwaihirr
Raid Lead for core - Mccampsalot
Officer - Tacgnol

We've been running this guild together since the beginning of Cata.
But we just moved it to the server about a month ago.

Like I said all are welcome.
We're friendly, helpful and certainly lots of shenanigans!
Once the guild bank accumulates a lot more gold
repairs will be a lot more available.
We help with professions if we can.
Running dungeons, and LFRs
And of course if you're interested in raiding.
Tho we have a full group. Spots may open up and
We love fill ins, we also maybe run an alt raid once
a week depending on who we have and who is

If you'd like to be awesome and join us message any of the leaders in-game!
Have a good day (:
BUMP! (:
My previous guild has been shattered. LF raiding for the past month+.

Nobody likes melee these days. Furthermore, nobody likes warriors as their melee dps if that happens. But heck, i got nothing to loose.

Your raiding times seem okay for me, I am at 514ilvl Fury. And a very crappy gear for prot, and i haven't mastered the tanking itself. If you are interested, sykes#1678. Or just send a mail in-game. Thanks.

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