Bleeding Hollow: Enter the Thunderdome

Bleeding Hollow
So we all know BH is the best server for wpvp. Well after hearing about the chaos from the other night(I was not there but the forums said enough about it) I started think about an idea for a massive wpvp event in a cross realm zone.

From my understanding Cross realm zones allow people from different servers in our battlegroup to see other people from different servers . So what i have been talking to several people from pvp guilds around Bleeding Hollow about is posting on other server forums in an attempt to gauge interest in coming together to have an all our war in a predetermined place.

I am posting on BH forums first to see what you guys think of this idea and if i could garner support for it. I have talked to a few IWC peeps and they seem very interested and I have talked to a few Alliance guilds also.

Now I know what you are thinking, that the server will crash or lag will be to much for people's computers. While that is certainly a valid point, I don't see any reason to not attempt it.

Either way I just wanted to throw the idea at you guys and see what ya think. Also any ideas for where the battle should take place is appreciated, so far ideas that have been given are- Un'Goro Crater, Isle of QD, Durotar, and Goldshire.

thanks for reading and all that
this is so going down, even if your guild isnt putting together a group just show up this is a call to the entire server
Hell yes, you dont have to be in any guild or anything like that, if your interested hollar at me in game or usmokerags(sry bro volunteering you haha)
I got your back dude
Sounds Awesome! Count me in!
05/04/2013 04:57 PMPosted by Démandréd
Also any ideas for where the battle should take place is appreciated, so far ideas that have been given are- Un'Goro Crater, Isle of QD, Durotar, and Goldshire.

If you're looking to tempt bystanders who are unaware of the event into flagging and joining in the fun, then you should choose a high traffic area (Goldshire, Durotar, The Dark Portal, etc.). However, if you do choose a location that is already CRZ'd and part of a main continent (Kalimdor or Eastern Kingdoms), then you can expect to crash the world server sooner than later with a large scale event.

Now, if you chose to hold it in a place like the Isle of Quel'danas or even the Isle of Thunder, there would be no flying away to escape and you would be much less likely to crash any world servers -- IoT is obviously attached to the MoP continent server and IoQ is (or should be) attached to the TBC server; both of which are much less populated than the others (besides possibly Northrend).

I would probably vote for IoT seeing as it gets a good amount of regular traffic from people just doing their dailies and what not, but also factoring in NPCs who are going to aggro players into the mix as well (might help add to the overall chaos).
I believe this event absolutely must be in a zone without flying, that would make this a truly epic battle and better in so many ways than a flying zone
Ok but I am the squad.
This was done a few months back in Nagrand at Halaa. It was very, very laggy and there was a lot of phasing.
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