mouseover judge

I got

/cast [target=mouseover] judgement

But. I need one were if their is no mouse over then it judges the enemy im targeting
/cast [@mouseover,nodead][] Judgment

That will prevent it from attempting to cast on a dead target as well. The empty brackets make it act normally if you're not mousing over a living target.
isnt working for me... :(
It should. Did you copy it exactly?
/cast [@mouseover, harm, nodead][] Judgment
/cast [@mouseover,harm,nodead][harm] Judgment

Although the previous one should be working, that shouldn't be able to fail.
/cast [@mouseover,harm,exists,nodead][] Judgment

You need an exists condition in there, or it'll just fail to cast if you're not mousing over something.
#showtooltip Judgment
/cast [target=mouseover, harm][harm] Judgment

This macro can be used for any offensive spell (Turn Evil, Scatter Shot, Strangulate etc.), if no mouse-over exists it will cast at your target.

/cast [target=mouseover,help] Flash of Light; [help] Flash of Light; Flash of Light

This macro has the same function as the above only for healing spells. If you have a mouse-over it will cast on them, if not it will cast on your target, if you have no mouse-over or target it will cast on yourself.

Note: the Flash of Light macro above also works for spells that can be cast on either hostile or friendly targets such as Holy Prism and Execution Sentence.

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