Elixir Master, Where to RE-get it?


So I finished the Elxir, ans Transmut master on this guy way back when, using him for some Flash making and wanna get the Elixir master thing for the chance at extra procs, but I can not for the life of me remember or find where to get it again

I finished the BC quest, dunno if I need to do any newer ones again, but if anyone can help me would be AWESOME!
alchemy spec quests are now from the alch trainers in you major city(maybe any alch trainer). You might have to be level 85 though and probably own MoP.
I had it once already, because of a new expansion I lose it and have to do the current expansion quest to get it again?
you have to do it again because you dropped it not because a new expansion came out.

In BC when you had to pay 150g to switch 150g was a lot of gold but now its nothing. 150g in BC was probably equivalent to well over 1000g now.

even with the new cost to get a alch mastery I still say its way to low for what they do.

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