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Bleeding Hollow
Hi, recently I got back into WoW, and I used to play a lot on my alliance toons on the server Coilfang. I've always regretted not going horde, and so I decided coming back I would make a fresh start and start anew. The one thing I'm having issues with is that the guilds aren't what they used to be :( I keep getting asked into guilds, and I've tried plenty, but none of these guilds are social or fun. I want a new start with a group of people that actually talk in the guild chat and care about their members. I level fast and am excited to experience the horde! If anyone knows a feat guild that kinda fits my needs let me know please, thank you!
All the cool kids play alliance
It's true.
Go Alliance
go alliance
That's because every 12 year old with 10 gold has a guild now. Keep kissing frogs. Sooner or later you'll find a prince.

lol@ Horde telling you to GTFO thier faction
Where is your youtube video anouncing your arrival? You're doing it wrong
We need to hear the anger behind your words, tell us... how do YOU feel about horde.
Well I appreciate all the comments, and I'm sorry but I'm just having to much fun in horde to want to switch back to alliance again XD. The quests are from a new perspective, the lore is awesome, and I'm having a blast!

or whisper me in game, Hâdés.

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