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Bleeding Hollow
Hello there fellow Bleeding Hollow Citizenry, I hope you are well on this fine day! I would like to announce the creation of the Blood Knuckle Mafia. We are all about one thing and one thing only, WPVP. Large and small scale stuff, everything from sacking cities to running around in small hit squads, harassing our enemies wherever they may be found.
This is not my first rodeo, Ive lead a very successful guild before and would like to do so again, this time on BH. Im a bit of a WPVP junkie, and it is definately the aspect of the game that I enjoy the most. Nothing makes me happier then running opposing raids out of a zone or slicing the king of Stormwinds head off. Im an avid defender of Orgrimmar and the shrine. The pvp vendors and the rest of panda land are my playground. Once I have the manpower, the Alliance will know what BKM is all about. I have one of my former officers who transferred to BH with me, he will be leading our RBG team and filling is as a WPVP commander in my absence.
All this being said, we are new. We need 90s and we need these 90s to be WPVP junkies like myself. If this is you, please hit me or one of my members up in game and give us a try. Ill do everything I can to make sure you enjoy your time with us.
Hmm, this Death Knight does not show the family our due respect. Send a couple of our associates to deal with him at once!
The RP in here is strong.
wooo another wpvp guild
If it would have been Bloody Rag Mafia, I would have so faction changed.
ur guild name sucks
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\\………. L / o o o o o o o o\_\_
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ur guild name sucks

Says someone from HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA derp.
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