Cross-Realm Challenge Mode Finder #16!!

Dungeons, Raids and Scenarios
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Starting a new thread to continue the previous ones!

Here is what folks have previously said on the other forums.

"Check out for general Challenge Mode info, and Challenge Mode Gold run guides; or search for runs on YouTube to get a general idea of the instances.
General requirements are Buff consumables (Stat food, Flasks, Stat Potions), as well as Lesser Invisibility Potion / Invisibility Potion when pushing for Silvers/Gold, voice communication, and some time to dedicate to the runs. If you're pushing for Silver or Gold, it might take some time. Just be willing/able to give it your attention for a while.

When posting to look for a group, mention a few things.
Such as,
Horde or Alliance
Times when you're available
Which instances / Medals you're looking for
Experience in Challenge Modes / other creditable things
Your Battletag
An armory to the toon you plan to run with (If not posting from that toon)

Don't be afraid to add people from the thread and make your own group! They won't bite, I promise.
After all, someone has to be the guy or gal to start invites.

Good luck to those still finishing up, and to those here who are just starting."
Done with CM :D
12/12 ToT Normal..9/9 CM Exp
6/13H ToT, cleared Heroic Rag pre-nerfs and Heroic Deathwing at 5%. Multiple rank 1's on WoL. Exceptional player looking to get 9/9 golds, currently at 1/9 with exp in a few.

Available any day.

Have all consumables.

**Thanks to everyone who helped me on the way to 9/9 I will be helping a few people finish up theirs as well. The people on this forum rock**
Holy/Ret Paladin
Anyday. Anytime except past 10PM PST.
ALL Challenge Modes needed
1/9 Gold Done SM need the rest. Know all the instances by Holy Paladin POV.
Have flasks, food, invis pots, mana pots.
6x 9/9 Experienced Player (Prot War/Prot Pally/Blood DK/BM Monk/Ele Sham/Disc Priest)
Looking for CM group for my Mage and Druid
Resto Druid - Need All
Frost Mage - Need All but ToJS

Know all strategies.
Have the proper flasks/pots/consumables

501 Frost DK: 1/9 Gold Experience, Plenty of previous PvE Experience

Looking for any CM's but SH. Have all consumables.

Available all night tonight.

Blood OR Frost Death Knight (have both tanked and dps'd in CMs)
12-7am EST
NEED these Golds: Scarlet Monastery, Mogu'Shan Palace, Scholomance, and Stormstout Brewery
5/9 Gold, tanked Siege of Niuzao Temple and Gate of the Setting Sun, dps'd the others not listed above
warr trying to just find a dam group!
watched all the youtube vids.... nommuch exp :D but i am patient!
wanna dps also! :D

Boomkin (5/9 gold: SM, SSB, Scholo, SH, GoTS)
LF any CM

Have 9/9 gold on this character
Got all consumables and ready to go

LF any CMs (except MSP/SPM/GSS) for my Resto Shaman 9/9 gold exp on my Druid

Alliance Blood DK LFG

3/9 Gold Ranked (Gate of the Setting Sun, Mogu'Shan Palace, Temple of Jade Serpent)

Generally online from 4 pm PST and onwards, if not online, I am probably at work, and won't be online that day due to the job being a night-time job.

I'd like to clear the rest of the dungeons I require, and prefer groups who have a form of communication via skype or vent. I have my own banquets / flasks / invis pots.

Tag is Insanebagel#1448
LF tank and dps (ele/mage) for gold GTSS, SH, ToJS, SPM, or MSP CMs

Have boomy, hunter and hpally in group atm
All have 9/9 gold exp

[H] 9/9G Experienced player looking for alt gold runs.

I have finished them on a shadow priest and elemental shaman so far. Currently I have two more toons I would like to finish these on, a Survival Hunter and a Holy Paladin.

Shadow Priest:
Elemental Shaman:'ganis/totemrus/advanced
Holy Paladin:
Survival Hunter:
Balance Druid:ßly/advanced

Have all consumable on each.
Feel free to add Genoicide#1598 (Please add a note with your class, exp, etc)
Bm/Sv alliance hunter looking to join or create a cm group to achieve 9/9 gold.
I've watched videos and have consumerables
Available any night except for tues, wed, or Sunday (raid nights)
Read Id is kattniiss#1667
Holy/Ret Paladin (Both geared)
Available Anytime Today
1/9 Gold Done SM need the rest.
Know all the instances by Paladin POV.
Have flasks, food, invis pots, mana pots.
9/9 Gold x 6 player Looking to tank Gold modes for Vp capping only with 9/9 Gold players on their current 9/9 Gold toons . pst

518 ilvl Resto/ele shaman lfg SPM gold mode
doing this for the Shado-master achieve
Currently 3/9 gold know strats and have flask/pots/food
send a tell to Zestydads#1209 IM ON NOW!

Willing to help with other gold modes after SPM
Frost Mage
7/9 LF SSB and or MSP
Have Flasks/DPS Potion's/Invis Potion's/Speed Potion's
Highly active!

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