Cross-Realm Challenge Mode Finder #16!!

Dungeons, Raids and Scenarios
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demo lock
most every day
seige and shado-pan
fearless 6/13 totH
Holy pally/Rogue
Every day after 11 Est
Fri-Sun anytime
9/9 Gold On hunter and Warlock (Hgi on KT -Warlock)
Demo Lock
No experience with CM but my main is 522 2/13 H ToT. Have watched vids and have consumables. Very eager to get these done.
Available weekends as I raid T-Th
Add me on bnet. Axien#1289
Resto Druid
4/9 Silver (SM)(Scholo)(Siege)(SSB Have Balance offspec for Last Boss)
2/9 Gold (Jade Serpent)(Scarlet Halls)
Watched video strats to all gold runs
Have Flasks / Invis Pots ready for use.

Need Scholo and SH
No exp, know all fights ( have watched all the videos) 12/12 ToT Normal..6/9 CM Exp

Can play right now. Need Scholo Jade temple and SH
9/9 On main looking to knock em out on my alt resto druid. Have 4/9 on druid so far.

Only looking for experienced groups.

SV/BM Hunter
Available most times of the day. Can be discussed
Looking for all CM's, experienced in a handful of them. Researched all strats. 12/12 normal ToT
Have flasks/food/potions ready
Frost DK 2/9 Gold 1/9 Silver
LF Gold Challenge Modes (All except SSB and SH)
Have all consumables, can communicate well, very good DPS and overall PvE experience


Available RIGHT NOW
alliance 9/9x3 LF all CMs on my mage


Boomkin (5/9 gold: SM, SSB, Scholo, SH, GoTS)
LF any CM

Have 9/9 gold on this character
Got all consumables and ready to go

LF1M dps for 9/9 gold CMs.


Looking for players with 9/9 gold experience ideally. Would prefer a ranged dps with a bloodlust (elemental shaman, mage).

Group comp as of now

Fury/arms warrior
Bm/surv hunter
Resto druid
Brewmaster Monk

Have completed 9/9 gold challenge modes on this character and the three others listed below.

Below are the toons my hunter friend completed 9/9 gold on.

My warrior - 521 arms/fury

Make sure to have flasks, 300 stat food, and invis/stat pots. Send me a friend request with your class specific details (class, spec, item level, experience, whether or not you have consumables, etc)


Blood DK have 9/9 Exp on Tank main:

Have 2/9 Currently on DK. Happy to Rerun the ones i've got if its fresh group otherswise need all minus scholo and GosS.

Prefer alts of 9/9 Mains. Have consumables/flask/pots

Good pretty much 24/7

513 iLvl Alliance Holy; 509 iLvl Ret
Holy Pally / Ret Pally
Available at all times except 930-1am m/t/th
Have all consumables; invis pots, 300 food and flasks.
4/13 Heroic xP
2/9 Gold XP
Looking for all challenge modes except SPM
LF1M CM SPM, MSP or ToJS gold, Need exp tank

btag: dez#1935
507 iLvl Survival Hunter


Available everyday 9am-4pm EST and weekends
Have all consumables; invis pots, 300 food and flasks.
Looking for all challenge modes
No exp so far. But ofc have watched and read guides

btag: Lotus#1307
Horde Elemental Shaman
-Experienced raider
- 2/9 Gold
-Great awareness
-Available every day
-LF ALL Gold Challenge mode groups except Mogushan Palace & Scholo

Need exp tank for ToJS and MSP Gold CMs

have 3 players with 9/9 gold xp in the group

Holy/Ret Paladin (Both geared)
Available Anytime Today
1/9 Gold Done SM need the rest.
Know all the instances by Paladin POV.
Have flasks, 300 stat food, 18sec invis pots, mana pots.
518 ilvl ele/resto shaman lfg SPM gold mode
doing this for the Shado-master achieve
Currently 3/9 (TJS, SH, Scholo) gold know strats and have flask/pots/food
send a tell to Zestydads#1209 IM ON NOW!

Willing to help with other gold modes as well
Horde Holy/Ret Paladin LF Silver/Gold CMs

2/9 Silver XP (SH: beat gold timer but meat bucket mobs didn't get tagged, SM)

Looking for solid and determined people to get these done.

Have Consumables (300 food, flasks, ambers, invis pots), know instances.

Available from 3pm-12am est on weekdays, 12pm-3am on weekends.


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