Cross-Realm Challenge Mode Finder #16!!

Dungeons, Raids and Scenarios
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Horde Warlock LF Gold CM's(Comfortable with all specs)

3/9 Gold already(SSB, Scholo, SM done already.)

Available every day and have all consumables.

Gaurdian druid 8/9 Gold looking finish off last gold.

Need scarlett monestary.

Have consumables vent and Skype. Available most times.

Resto Druid looking for gold CMs
5/9 G ( Looking for Brewery, MSP, Gate of the Setting Sun, and SPM)
12/16 H pre Nerf

Need Scholo and SH
No exp, know all fights ( have watched all the videos) 12/12 ToT Normal..7/9 CM Exp

Can play now, if you have already completed the cm's i need ->help me out, i am willing to help you do the one's that you need. Just need Scholo and Scarlet Halls
Protpally LF CM gold group
4/9 Gold exp
Looking for Player's to start 9/9 - Must have all required pots/flasks/food - Knowledge of Fights - If you don't know the run you will be replaced.

- Running on Thursday 5/9/13 starting at 5pm west coast US -

Looking for..
-Frost Death Knight or Rogue
-Elemental Shaman or Survival Hunter
-Any Class Tank
-Healer (Rdruid Hpally or Rshaman Pref.)

Add Thedarkone#1290
if you need a Frost Mage, (have pots+food+feasts)Know all the Gold CMs
Doing Scholo and or Scarlet Halls, Guild group LF a tank. 7/9 Exp group . (If tank needs another CM, we will run it with him) Bobby#1801
Holy pally 520 Item lev Looking for CM for all 9/9Gold. Warlock is Im 9/9 on her. Have mumble vent skype Flask food everthing add me looking for group right now and anytime after 11Est.

Experienced Horde Holy pally Looking to do all gold challenges
I have a vent server and skype (if needed)
willing to put a lot of time and effort into this
I have pots/food/flasks

BT: Stuxnet#1213
Destro, but really any spec lock.
Starting May 12 will be available anytime save wens and thurs 7-11 central, and sun 9-11 central.
have completed Mogushan, Gate, and scarlet halls,
looking for all others.
I come prepared, and I am an extreamly skilled lock.

add me Splinter#1242
Frost DK 2/9 Gold 1/9 Silver
LF Gold Challenge Modes (All except SSB and SH)
Have all consumables, can communicate well, very good DPS and overall PvE experience


Available RIGHT NOW

Boomkin (6/9 gold)
LF ToJS, MSP, and Siege

Have 9/9 gold on this character
Got all consumables and ready to go

Tank LF SSB + SPM 7/9 Gold

518 ilvl ele shaman can resto as well lfg SPM gold mode
doing this for the Shado-master achieve
Currently 3/9 (TJS, SH, Scholo) gold know strats and have flask/pots/food
send a tell to Zestydads#1209 IM ON NOW!

Willing to help with other gold modes as well

Looking right now!!!!!!!!
LF any CMs (except MSP/SPM/GSS) for my Resto Shaman 9/9 gold exp on my Druid

Destro/Aff Lock
Looking for all Gold Dungeon Runs
Can get all materials quickly.
I'm available almost anytime.

Been playing since Vanilla Alpha testing. I know my class inside and out.


I am willing to BUY 9/9 Gold Mode Achievement. I have an Soul-Trader Beacon Ethereal Soul-Trader pet that I can offer up, which can be sold on most server for 200-300k Gold. I alos have a Rocket Chicken I could offer up.

Currently 6/9 Gold looking to finish of the last 3 gold modes:

  • Scarlet Monastery
  • Scholomance
  • Stormstout Brewery


Have all consumables ready to go right now.

Have done gold Scholo on Resto shaman, Silver on stormstout and bronze on scarlet Monastery
Holy/Ret Paladin (Both geared)
Available Anytime Today
1/9 Gold Done SM need the rest.
Know all the instances by Paladin POV.
Have flasks, 300 stat food, 18sec invis pots, mana pots.

Prefer to play holy have ret set for instances that require me to dps

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