So I decided to level a Hunter

After a few years of melee madness (warrior tank/dps) I have decided that its time to level a good ranged character that has pets (especially since I love me some vanity pets already). Any advice (besides, delete toon and move on) for leveling a hunter (spec, talents, etc...) would be greatly appreciated. Trying to use LFG as much as possible, but there is plenty of time to wait so I will quest as well (or should I pvp?).

The toon to your left is the one I am leveling...

Thanks in advance!
Mel...did you already delete your hunter?

Seriously, went to look at your profile and got an, "Oops" page lol.
lol, yes! I didn't like the Worgen move set/animations. I like the Night Elf move set/animations much better, so this is the new one! :)
Cats have a mastery buff, which unfortunately doesn't work until level 81. If you want maximum efficiency while levelling, a wolf is the way to go. Otherwise, any pet will do.
I love shadow meld, if you have a cat pet, shadowmeld plus prowl, after making sure your not in a common pat path, makes for easy and safe afking in the middle of a quest zone, even in the middle of a cave.
Good to know! thanks!
It is very easy to switch from melee to a hunter now than it was back in classic/BC. I suggest getting the Spirit Bond talent as you passively regen 2% of your health, which allows for more chain pulls of mobs. I would go Surv for leveling until you get mastery in the 80's and then switch to BM to finish out the 10 levels.

One thing i can suggest if you're running dungeons is to make a MD Focus macro ASAP
/cast [@focus,help][help][@pet,exists] Misdirection

as it makes dungeons much easier and tanks much less edgy, haha.
Anyway, best of luck to 90 and hope you enjoy the class!
Thanks Alvarie,

What does the MD macro do for me? Sorry, I have been a tank most of my WoW life so hunters are a bit of a learning experience in every aspect.

And as far as the spec, I really want BM for the pets, would survival make killing things faster while leveling then switch later to get the unique pets?
MD with no macro will only target your target for the redirected threat. The macro makes it automatically target your pet with out changing your target, letting you MD to your pet with out moving the mouse over to the pets frame. This, combined with the glyph of misdirect, will let you do massive aoe pulls and zerg large groups of adds down, the level you get MD is after you get serpent spread, making it a very effective tactic for survival.

A different macro, to target your focus target, is good for dungeons (once you get MD) so that you can easily MD to your tank. I have one that prioritizes focus target, then pet, then whatever your targeting (it goes moves to the next option if the higher priority ones don't exist or are dead). But I wont be able to post it till tomorrow.

BM is very boring at low levels. KC doesn't start dealing more damage per focus until you get mastery and gear with lots of it, which means your rotation will consist of arcane shot, serpent sting, steady shot (cobra is at lv 82 or so) and bw on cd, once you get it. SV and MM's nukes actualy deal more damage, though for hunters sv's nuke does better low lvs as its magic damage. Serpent spread, the ability that makes SV the aoe spec, isn't acquired until level 68, one level before BM gets exotic pets.
This is the macro I use

#showtooltip Misdirection
/cast [@focus,help,nodead][@pet,exists] Misdirection

Casts misdirect on your focus if you have one, otherwise it will cast on your pet.
So, Survival is best while leveling for PvP and PvE? I am BM now, but it really doesn't do any good until lvl 69, right?

Btw Whim, read your threads, very helpful, thanks!
So, Survival is best while leveling for PvP and PvE? I am BM now, but it really doesn't do any good until lvl 69, right?

Btw Whim, read your threads, very helpful, thanks!

Exotic pets do not do any more damage than normal pets. They just have extra utility. If you like BM, stick with it.
just pick whatever spec you like the best :) i leveled as marksman in cata but i havent played the spec much since mop released, pretty much stuck with survival.
I originally picked BM so I could tame exotic pets, but I didn't realize that it's not really used until lvl 69. :( anyway, now I have a bit of a priority rotation of sorts that works for me, but don't know if another spec would be better for PvP or dungeons... thinking of leveling through those vs. questing...
Survival while leveling is nuts. Explosive Shot hits like a runaway truck.
I will reset my talents and go to Survival and check it out! thanks!
LOL sv hitting like truck? if i had your address i would report to the cops for all those illegal drugs you must be smoking.

I will reset my talents and go to Survival and check it out! thanks!

go marks. take it form a hunter who leveled 1-70 as sv in TBC then 70-80 as sv then 1-29 twice as sv and one final time from 1-23 as sv then 23-90 as marks in mop. i allways loved sv but its unplayable in pvp this exspansion. as marks aimed shot will have a +75% crit chance on any one with 80% hp or more. and it crits for half their hp. the rest is just getting off another aimed shot or kiteing and arcane shotting them to death. if you have alot of boas you will be beast till 40-60ish at those levels you start to get some competition. one more time. MARKS! much love and i hope you love your hunter to death.
I too am trying my hand at a hunter right now. I previously tried to level one an expansion ago but got bored rather quickly. I'm going the pvp route and originally thought SV was a good choice but its very, very lackluster. I'm doing quite well with BM. Intimidation has been helpful with locking healers down in pvp. I'm no hunter expert by any means but that's just my personal experience. I may try going MM in the higher levels.

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