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Okay so I posted this on my realm forum, since it's a RP one, but I thought I could post it here too, since it's the official RP forum.

Just a little RP-related forum game.

Ask the person's below any question about their character.
Then the next poster answers the question, and asks one for the next person, and so on.

I will start with:

What is one small thing of life your character appreciate a lot?

I have not 100% figured out my character yet. However, I know for sure he wants a kitten.

Elderhelm was raised by a very stern father. The family has had working pets but his father would never let them have a cat because of their lack of ability to provide any sort of purpose.

In his traveling around Eastern Kingdoms he has yet to find the perfect feline companion. However when he does they will be inseparable.

Edit: Apparently My reading comprehensions at 6am is horrible. Sorry for not asking the next question. Kind of killed the game in one post. Thanks Miiyaa for picking up my slack...
^ Nice to know...But you were also supposed to ask a question for the next person.. :P

I'll do it for you:

What is your character's last name? And did he/she got it from their father or mother?
((Many character’s in the mansion of my mind, but Bearach, male Dwarf hunter, spoke up first.))

Loadstone, family name o’ me father’s side. An’ wi’ guid reason: we always kno’ wot direction beer lies. Har-har! No, I generally have a guid sense o’ direction wherever I be, but me Da, he was just uncanny… UN-CANNY!

Out with ‘im one huntin’ trip when I was a youngun, an’ we were ambushed by Frostmane. Barely conscious, an’ moved I dunna kno’ how meny tymes o’re at least three days. We made our brek while they was doin’ their ritual dances just b’fore they was gon’ta carve us up an’ put us in their soup pot for they’re voodoo god. Da knew exactly where we were headed, how long it was gon’ta take ta get there, an’ wot detours we had ta make ta avoid getting caught again.

Even taday, wit a guid many years more o’ experience under ma belt, an’ miles o’ Dun Morogh walked, I dunna think I’d just stroll me way outta a mess like that so easily. Man was uncanny!

Where’s your heathstone lie? An’ I ain’t talking that chip o’ rock in yer rucksack, or that inn, or room, or flat yer presently occupying, an’ payin’ rent on. I mean: what yer soul calls “home”.
Miiyaa has an ever-growing fascination for Teldrassil, which is where her family lives at the moment. But she can't go, since arcane magic is banned from there. :(


A funny anecdote/memory your character has?
Probably the funniest memory my character has is when he with his Troll friend, Vor'jehn, was with Cannibal near the swirling whirlpool in Darkshore. Vor'jehn had a Cat Form problem, and couldn't turn back to his Troll self due to an ancient curse (Long story.)

Anyways, Vor saw a fish in the water and dove after it, getting sucked up by the water and thrown into the whirlpool. Cannibal spent the next five minutes laughing his butt off as Vor fought ghosts and demons below, until finally getting out of the whirlpool. In which he saw another fish, and dove after that one again. Heh heh, still a little funny now :P

Question: What is your characters worse enemy/arch nemesis?
A Lich that led a scourge army which razed the village that Mirana lived in and killed her family.

Question : What is the place your character usually hangs out in ?
Derek's usual haunt is in Stormwind, where he spends much of his time brewing elixirs and brooding. He's come to appreciate it over time and fondly anticipates his return when away on SI: 7 missions. However, nice as it may be, it doesn't come close to replacing his now ruined estate in Gilneas, so even when he's "home" in Stormwind, he still gets that feeling of homesickness.

(Flurry of questions inc) What is your character's preferred type of weapon? Do they have a specific weapon that they treasure? If so, does said weapon have a name? What history goes along with it?
1: Cannibal's preferred weapons are usually axes, but he'll settle for swords if needed.

2: Two axes that were infused with Holy Light for two twin brothers of the Argent Crusade. Once they were killed, Cannibal used them with the permission from the Argent Crusade.

3: Flamebite and Fireclaw are the two axes. They resemble Gorehowl on fire.

4: Cannibal is currently having issues with the Holy Light in the axes (Seeing as though he isn't a Paladin, it's difficult for him to use such items). He's currently getting the Light taken out of them, and having them infused with powerful runes, turning their golden color into a blackish gray.

Question: Does your character have any companions/pets/minions? (Also accept battle pets used for RP)
Ah, now there's question I can work with.
As warlock Zurom has serval minions but keeps one demon as his companion much more frequently then others. That minion is Nazxia, Zurom's Succubus. Zurom has an odd connection with his demonic minions rather then treat then as tools he actually manages to befriend some demons. While this is more difficult with demons like a felguard, felhunter or voidwalker. Zurom managed to make a friend in his minion Nazxia.
Zurom only became a warlock after losing many things that meant the world to him after the fall of Quel'thas. Perhaps this is why he decided to be friendly to his demonic minions.
Although Zurom wants to keep Nazxia out in public respecting their odd friendship he realizes that not all are into the idea of a demon walking around in public. This however, is no obstacle for Zurom and Nazxia though due to a succubus' ability to turn invisible. However, if anyone were to hear Nazxia talk to Zurom while she is invisible, or notice an invisible demon walking around Zurom would have a lot of explaining to do.
P.S. Nobody make the friendship with a succubus weirder than it is I know what your thinking but they are just close friends, really.

Question : What is your character's drive? What is the reason they decided to start there adventure in the first place? How does this origin affect their day to day life.
Next question
Boiled down to his simplest motivatioin, Everything Vrix does is to keep the tribe safe.

Is thee any player friendly factions your character doesnt like
More than anything, Za'tiya longs for acceptance. However, compromising her ideals for the sake of reverence is not something she will consider. She wants to make a difference and possesses a sentimental dream of being remembered in history as having done something that truly benefited the world, whether it be healing a wasteland or helping to discover a cure for the undeath, and not the path of a war hero as many of her childhood friends have taken, for such glory and honor is fleeting and hollow in her eyes. It is because of this ambition to be remembered and being accepted eventually that she has declared her full loyalty to the Cenarion Circle, and not the Horde. Za'tiya is convinced that it is the Cenarion Circle and Earthen Ring, intent on healing Azeroth, that are on the right side of history and not those involved in the Horde and Alliance conflict.

Though she has found acceptance among Cenarion druids, of course this has only led to her stigmatization among her people. She had tried her best to keep her new allegiance a secret, but due to her lack of subtlety, it got out quickly and she was then ostracized and ignored by most, save for her immediate family and a few extremely close friends. Things have warmed up a bit (at the very least vendors do not charge 5 gold pieces for a chunk of crab meat anymore), and Za'tiya somehow manages to keep an appearance of indifference in Darkspear settlements, though her wish to be accepted ultimately haunts her and many nights when staying in her family's home she finds herself suddenly bursting into tears in bed. Every morning after, she forces herself to remember which of her goals were more important to her.

Question: What is your character's favorite color and why?

(yeah...sorry couldn't think of a good one ^_^")

Boiled down to his simplest motivatioin, Everything Vrix does is to keep the tribe safe.

Is thee any player friendly factions your character doesnt like

The Royal Apothecary Society, Undercity and the Forsaken, Bilgewater Cartel
For Ros here, her favorite color is turquoise. She has no particular reason for favoring the color. My alliance Pandaren, Zhaoyang, Favors the color blue as it is the usual color of water which she also likes a great deal.

If your character could summarize life in a single sentence what would it be?
Not sure if I can take two turns but this game is fun, tell me if I pop up to much on this thread.

Hmm one sentence, that's tough. I'll have to go cliche and say something like.
"Those whom do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it"

Next question,
How important are friends and family to your character? Do they have any living relatives?
((The Paladin known as Frommhell, Human female))

Befriending an aging priest at a tender age, his sponsorship allowed for an educational opportunity that Frommhell’s parents wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford. Thus, virtually raised in the arms of the Church, behind the walls of Cathedral Square, and her family in another part of the Elwynn county, she was estranged from her sister, Frommhell’s junior by nine years. While there was no particular push to it, Frommhell’s path to Paladinhood seemed a set, and natural course, but led to an even greater segregation from her family (though parental bonds have always remained strong), and it wasn’t until Ella was around the age of five that the two sincerely connected.

The inquisitive child seemed determined to investigate this stranger called “sister” and constantly followed Frommhell about on one of her sporadic, brief visits. While still a child in her own right, the 14 year old Frommhell had little experience in managing children, and tolerated Ella’s persistent presence with mere acceptance, and answered her un-yielding questions with simple frankness. Ella appreciated this conduct on a grand scale as it made her feel like a big girl, and not a baby like many still treated her; and Frommhell let her ride her great big horse, and brush it’s mane when Daddy wouldn’t even let her near the donkey yet.

When the time came for her to resume her duties and study, Frommhell said her farewells, and prepared to mount, but found Ella wrapped around her waist, her round face and innocent eyes shinning up at her, demanding to know when she would return and insisting that it should be soon. As wise and inspirational as the Philosophy was to her intellectually, in that moment, young Frommhell realized she held the proof of the Light’s love in her arms, and little Ella became the definition of her soul’s purpose on her Paladin path: to secure and protect the world so her sister, and the multitude of innocent souls like her, could grow, and prosper in a Lightly life, and continue to benefit the world by their loving grace.

That definition now happily includes her niece and nephew.

Family are obvious influences, but who other along your journey, for good or for bad, held impact on the direction of your path.
Family are obvious influences, but who other along your journey, for good or for bad, held impact on the direction of your path

Cy grew up alone. And as such he found there was only one he could depend on, himself. He was a lone wolf without a pack.

Two female Sin'dorei paladins welcomed him into their Fellowship. He stayed aloof, until he found himself alone against odds that did not favor him. And these two paladins were there to talk to him, and heal him.

It was through them he came to realize that one does not walk the world alone. This lone wolf had found his pack. And though he may be a rogue by profession, in his chest beats the heart of a paladin.

Hate is a strong emotion, however sometimes there develops a true hatred for something, someone or even a class. What does your character truly hate?
Ros has a deep hatred for feral worgen or even particularly animalistic ones as she believes they give in to baser instincts too easily and bring down the reputation of the race as a whole. My Alliance Pandaren, above all, hates being patronized or otherwise sympathized or looked down upon for her disability, namely blindness. She also despises open displays of malevolence or antagonism, as I'm sure many probably would.

Who, if anyone, does your character idolize the most and why?
Who, if anyone, does your character idolize the most and why?

Depending on which character you ask, it's one of three people. Tyrion Fordring, Go'el/Thrall or Prophet Velen. As for why, that's a bit harder. Mostly those three people have all overcome personal adversity and become leaders.

Tyrion had the powers of the light stripped from him because he dared to save the life of an orc, Eitrigg and went on, to regain his powers and become the leader of the Argent Crusade.

Thrall was held in an internment camp and used as a gladiator, being beaten if he displeased his keepers. Through the help of Taretha he was able to escape and went on to lead the orcish people to Kalimdor, establishing the city of Orgrimmar.

Prophet Velen refused to accept Sargaeras' (sp?) offer of power and gathered as many of his people as he could before they fled Argus, creating a new people, the Draenei. Those who chose to stay on Argus, remained Eredar and became part of the Burning Legion.

Question: If peace was declared today, how would your character react to the news?
((<< Brandbombe will field this one))

Peace? With whom, and how did it come about?

The civilizations of Azeroth have so many contentions to deal with, -within, without, and beyond-, that by the time each of them were quelled, I, and all my friends, would long be dead, even if we managed to live to a venerable old age. Well, accept for my Night Elf friends; they might live to see an era of world wide peace, but then again, their society has been dealing with some form of crisis on and off for over 10,000 years. I only hope for all our future generations' sakes, it doesn’t take another 10,000.

If worldwide peace broke out tomorrow, I would be highly suspect. As wonderful as such a thing sounds, and as cynical as doubting would make me seem, I would have to wonder what force, spell, alchemic concoction was subjugating our minds, suppressing our emotional states, and for what purpose. What slaughter were we being cowed, and fatted for? What enslavement were our identities being re-programmed to? Even if the perpetrator had instigated such a condition in some misguided sense of kindness, I would, provided I could still manage a choice, reject it, for sentient beings need to have the freedom of will to choose peace for it to mean anything.

A little on the lighter side… How would someone romance you?
Belle (Miinx) , would be easily romanced.
A man who is extremely easy going, and laid back. She looks for a guy to do drugs with her, and let her be her normal eccentric self. She doesnt ever want any man to coddle her, or treat her like a baby.
So in an easier list
-Easy Going
-Does Drugs / At least okay with her doing them
-Doesnt coddle her
-Not overly , sickly romantic.
-Good in bed
-Elf only. She doesnt think other races are attractive.
(She also finds extremely nervous, shy guys cute, and loves to turn them into party-boys)

My question is,
what is YOUR favorite thing about your character? IE , way they act towards others? Their hair? Everything?

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