Joined 25m guild: Any healing tips?

I'm used to being in ten man guilds and I haven't healed 25 man for 2 expansions now. As a HoT based class it is tough sometimes to see myself at the bottom of the meters especially in a new guild in which I want to prove myself. I understand this is even harder due to the fact that we run 2 disc priests and a paladin which, at times, gives me little to heal.

I just wanted some tips on how to improve my performance in 25m raids. Should I keep stacking mastery or should I hit the next break point (the one around 6000?)? Any tips would be appreciated.
I can't give you any tips for 25 man.. but I can say a big part of the problem should be fixed in 5.3
From my experience:
Focus on mastery, you'll get more bang for your buck on overall heals. It'll be worth it to glyph wild growth to hit that extra target. I prefer SotF currently, though I know that is up in the air for a lot of people.
A lot of your healing output is going to come from preparing for mechanics and pre-hotting prior to damage to get in front of the damage and using wildgrowth, swiftmend, and free-cast regrowths to bring people up from raid damage.
3043 haste, then enough spirit to be comfortable (I find about 7.5K is right) then the rest in Mastery.

Make sure to use your arsenal
do as much healing as you can without going oom.

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