<Phantasmagoria> Barthilas 7/13HM LF More!

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
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<Phantasmagoria> Barthilas US, 7/13HM 10 man is Recruiting an EXCEPTIONAL Tank/Melee/Healer/Shaman , the following applicant will have to provide Logs, Raiding UI screenshot, Working ventrilo and mic, knowledge of their class and great attendance. We also ask you stay up to date with our forums.

You will be joining a team of raiders with very diverse personalities and a great raiding environment. Coming to raids prepared with pots, flasks, food, knowledge of the encounter we are progressing on and an open mind to build on top of the role you have been given for the fight is a major factor of fitting in. We also encourage that you have an opinion on the encounter when called upon. Don't be the lazy guy!!!!! :)

Raid Times are GMT +10 (all times are server time)
Thursday 7.50pm - 12pm
Sunday 7.50pm - 12pm
Monday 7.50pm - 12pm

*Raid Days can change depending on RL events and group compliance.

The Raid position which is open is a Tank/DPS/Healer role and can fit the following classes. Playing an additional spec is a big bonus, especially as a healer.

- Shaman (Any Spec)
- Rogue
- Druid (Guardian/Feral)
- DK (Any Spec)
- Warrior (Any Spec)
- Monk (WW/BM)
- Any Healer

Please direct all applications to our application forums to be screened by our raid leader. We will not accept any other forms of application.

For any ingame inquiries can be directed to Venetia or Jakenova (jakenova#1304).

Good Luck and Have fun.

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