Bring back a revamped AUra system for Paladin

We were the originals to have this and I believe this would fix a lot of our woes every class can self heal we no longer stick out so why not bring Aura similar to Dk's Pressence especially since we had it first.
Auras aren't, and have never been, similar to any version of DK presences, past or present. *puzzled*
I have a DK and never have really played him so i dont know if they are or not, but just going by the post, i agree. I would love to have Auras back, we had them for 4 exp then they killed it. why? It was very unique feel to the Pally Play, I loved CA in PVP or just taking people somewhere that was very cool. Im glad we still have it on us but 10x more fun when other people got a chance to use it. So yes i hope they bring them back.
Hence revamped! Devotion aura gave us more armor ret aura gave damage back to melee attacks concentration helped with push back . So What I am imposing is auras 2.0 . Frost presence cutting some cc by 20% is something paladin could really use. The devotion aura we have now has a cool down that is way to long and last for 6 sec. . Ret was able to have a tank aura and stay dps much like DK's can do now except blood presence trounces our old aura but at least it was something.
auras and presences have nothing in common.

presences don't buff anyone other than the DK (and you gain and lose things depending on what presence you're in), where as auras were situational group wide buffs.

i don't really understand this whole "DK presences are like paladin auras used to be" argument we're seeing here all of a sudden, they could not be any more different.
I just miss the old Devotion Aura.

It used to give Ret around 4% extra physical damage reduction in armor, and much more than that for any clothies in your group.
The old Auras wouldn't work in the new buff system. We'd have to have them changed to be like Shamans' Mastery aura, or Death Knight's Unholy aura so they give one of the standardized buffs we have now. So then if we get Auras, we lose Blessings... Aura of Might or Aura of Kings really better than Blessings ? Yeah...

As for Devotion aura @Jimini, if you read what it actually does now, of course it has a 3 minute cooldown. It's a raid wide 20% magic damage reduction. If it didn't have 3 minutes of cooldown, it would be quite OP or it would need to be nerfed, which would remove our raid cooldown (like Priests/Warriors have).
My point is we had choice at one time toward our play style and we have always had might and kings be it they were different then. As pallies we have no choice other than changing spec entirely. In combat warriors switch to a def stance effectively dk's can run with a blood presence effectively in all specs my point is we had our own version of choice at one time. And we all have self heals and I read plenty of dk post talking how they switch presence in mid battle if it wasn't effective they would not talk about it and every warrior I fight will switch to sword and board at some point giving them flexibility in fighting different classes. When ret aura was good it was nice against rogues. Devotion was good against warriors and dks frost aura shadow aura I guess helped against casters now we just wait for wings and holy charges no diversity what so ever and a bunch of gimmicky def spells.
The buff system was different back then, you at least realise that right ? And your situational uses seem centered around PvP... Use your new cooldowns and abilities instead.
A Paladin version of stances/presences might be cool (Seals could fill that role pretty easily, and are already on the stance bar). Auras really were never like that though - you did switch situationally, but they never made nearly as much difference as a warrior going into Defensive Stance.

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