leveling gear question

I've been playing on my holy/holy paladin until early cata.

But I got sick of the game so I took some time off.
I'm back to WoW now and I want to go ret and level but I don't have dps any gear at 85.

What is the best way to get gear for my toon?
Any recommendation BOE's that's affordable?
There's a vendor in Jade Forest for either faction that will sell you 372 greens for any spec appropriate to your character. Also, there's a vendor just inside the Valley of Four Winds that's neutral and sells the same gear, as the faction-specific vendors can be difficult to access or become phased through questing.
Actually there's a neutral vendor in Dawn's Blossom in Jade Forest that's always available. I went there on my recently-leveled hunter as soon as I got to Pandaria.

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