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So, I was doing some research and saw that under the Blood Elf's "Class" section on, it had "Druid" under the "Lore" section. I clicked it, and saw a whole page called "Elven Druid".

Here's what I found, and why I've decided to make an Elven Druid:

"The Runestone was an ancient monolith erected by the Elven Druids and inscribed with powerful runes of protection and warding." is an exact quote from Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness. It's referring to Quel'thalas when it states this. And don't think they're talking about Night Elf Druids, because they're nowhere near Quel'thalas and weren't mention until Warcraft III.

Also, in the Botanica, several of the Blood Elves cast spells similar to Restoration Druids, and not only does High Botanist Freywinn wear the Tier 1 Druid Set, but he also casts Druid healing spells, creates plant spawns, and even turns into a Druid Tree Form.

It also states that High Elves, Half Elves and Blood Elves all possess the ability to learn Druidism. Once the power is in the bloodline, it isn't removed.

Just to clear things up, I won't be a full on Druid either. Just a Wildcaster. So I won't use shapeshifting forms because if there is a bloodline that holds Druidism it wouldn't be that strong (Also because game mechanics don't allow that), I'd only be using simple healing spells. I also chose a Monk class and a Mistweaver spec because I felt that'd be best for the appearance and style of a Druid.

I've already started RolePlaying on this character and everyone who's questioned Elven Druids are fine with it once I give them the reasons.

So let me know what you all think, and if you'd allow this in RolePlay!
If anything, with a Blood Elf Druid, it'd be more in line with them using the arcane to manipulate nature instead of them wielding nature. Bear in mind this is a Blood Elf druid - High Elf druids and Half-Elf druids, depending on how they were raised, would be more inclined to learning actual Druidism. If a Half-Elf is raised in Blood Elven society, though, they will be more inclined toward dominating nature instead of working with it.
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If anything, with a Blood Elf Druid, it'd be more in line with them using the arcane to manipulate nature instead of them wielding nature.

This is the impression I received from the Botanica, due to the way Blood Elves have been tainted by fel magic, and how the plants seemed to have an arcane twist to them.

Not every Blood Elf would have this exact philosophy of course, but I'd suggest including it as a conflict at the least.

Minor points aside, your idea sounds sensible and justified.
I don't see anything wrong with it. Heck, I don't see why the belves don't pick up their own warped version of druidism, especially with the Night Elves picking up the mage class.

"Oh, OH! You guys want to be mages, eh? Well TWO can play at this game!"

That, and Quel'thalas is pretty jacked up from the Scourge invasion. There's a big ugly undead trail running through the lands. I just don't see how the belves could look at that, see what happened in the Plaguelands, and not think, "Hey! If those druid guys were able to fix the Plaguelands, why can't we do that here and fix this Dead Scar?"
Please for the love of all that's holy, Blizz make it so!
I totally agree, I would hope at least with the introduction of magic users to the NE options, its only fair to have BE druids. I always thought it would make more sense rather than the troll druids, and don't get me wrong I have a troll druid I love it!!

I do think that Blizzard is leaning towards letting more races have more classes. However my main beef with Blizzard is the character slots available!! I do not see any reason we can't have a second page of characters. Of course I am an altoholic, so I would probably fill it fast!! LOL!!

Either that or fix CRZ to allow cross realm trading and even cross realm heirloom moving. Heck I can see them using something like the Void storage thing to give the account access to all the characters on any realm access to it. Done with leveling on one realm? Put those heirlooms in void storage and let my alts on a different realm use them!!

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