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Wow ppl saying EMFH is OP. Swarm of ppl (particularly humans) come in "but but why did all the top players go horde" "I rather have stun resist as orc than go human" blah blah

now calling horde racials OP opposite happens. You just cant win....
Nobody cares how many humans are above 2200 in a battlegroup... that's completely irrelevant. What matters is the overall picture and 32% of all 2200+ players are human. You are just whining & making stuff up because you are bad... no other reason.
INC nerf to pvp power
05/03/2013 10:53 PMPosted by Berserklover
while these insane dps range classes are blowing me up my pally is judging for 14k exorcism for 18k crusader strike for 18k then im forced to use inqusition and repeat so I can do templars verdict 40k? how is this balanced?

Yes, it's balance by the fact that the palie can heal itself, if you could do the same amount of damage *and* heal yourself, that would be unbalanced.

05/03/2013 10:53 PMPosted by Berserklover
also why is it that only the alliance gets put into "random" battle grounds with other alliance in leveling blues and greens while the horde have full tyrannical gear and weapons.

You are insinuating that Blizzard somehow has something to do with trying to manipulate games due to favoritism, this ties in nicely with the victim mentality that permeates the rest of your post. Yes....blizzard just deletes anyone Alliance side that ever gets any PvP gear, please get out your tinfoil hat now.

05/03/2013 10:53 PMPosted by Berserklover
I believe this happens because of the over powered racials

I'm guessing you believe a lot of things, and that's ok, but it doesn't make them true. Alliance have the 3 best racials in the game for PvP, your race having one of them, shadowmeld and stoneskin being the other two, oh...and escape artist.... You should really try horde pvp sometime, and waltz into an empty WSG flagroom, only to be jumped by 5 alli all in shadowmeld. If any racials need to be nerfed, they are on Alliance side.

Keep in mind that I am:
A. An alliance player
B. In full malv with some ty

To add insult and injury to your "argument, if anything Alliance has a huge advantage on a few PvP maps. If there is an imbalance in PvP, it's actually that alliance has a few advantages due to racials and map layouts.

TLDR: Yes, they are out to get you, and it's a shame that you were forced to roll and stay Alliance, you could always faction switch!!!!! It would be a shame to lose you to horde, but we'll get over it.
and how many humans are 2200+ here

and here

nice list the unbalanced 2 v 2 brackets dominated by illidan/malganis horde since like forever
Nobody cares how many humans are above 2200 in a battlegroup... that's completely irrelevant.
you where just complaining that humans are top for 2200 arena and now its completely irrelevant?

Yes, you can't look at the bad alliance battlegroups. There are bad horde battlegroups I'm sure someone would link to you. You have to look at stats as a whole...

its very clear you have no idea what your talking about human racial shares the same cd with insigna of the alliance.

So does undead racial...45 seconds at least..

you dont even know what your talking about. and if i am bad why am I always getting put against expert horde pvpers. if im bad at arena I dont get put against 2200 rated teams why should I in bgs.

You mean in RBGs?
if its not gear or racials then what is it? why does the alliance lose 75% of the time.

Well, could be a few factors. Some are saying a lot of alliance have faction changed...doubt it's racials though. Could be the time of day you are queueing...there are bad times for both horde and alliance. It's also Childrens Week, has a HUGE impact on the BGs...also the legendary quest pve'ers have to go through...which is win Temple and Mines.
05/04/2013 09:22 PMPosted by Berserklover
the best explanation is horde are hacking and exploiting pvp.

horde got bored of killing the alliance and faction changed.

Ahh so you admit you guys have a lot of good alliance then.. ok ;)

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