PvP Power vs Resil

Everything I've read points to gemming for PvP resil to be the 'duh' thing to do... and while I see the wisdom in it, I can't help but wonder what the math behind it is? I by no means claim to be a very serious PvPer. I enjoy doing arenas, and while I feel I have a decent grasp of the class, I'm usually carrying too many people in my guild in 2s to seriously pursue rating. And while I see how resilience might help in those situations where I'm being focused, I can't help but wonder...

See, I generally keep my allies up while also pulling the most damage I can. So I can't help but wonder if the sacrifice to pvp power is worth it? Gemming resil will ultimately mean less oomph on my heals/damage from pvp power won't it? I don't really intend to pursue ratings seriously, but I do a lot of wpvp on my server. So from a 1v1 standpoint, is it still better to gem resil? I'm standing here in my bank staring at the gems I need to replace, I just can't bring myself to do it until I know it'll be worth it.
go pvp power then, but if u try arena u will be a big target, thats why those guides say pvp resilience.
i dont remember the exact numbers but i have seen the math. there is more to gain from maxing res than maxing pvp power. lets say you get 14% more reduction from all res, and 7% more power with all pvp power.. when you face someone with all res, all your gems are negated against their higher res and they still have more reduction than you. so they end up doin more damage to you.
Even with the Resil its still not hard to die in a global lol.
Even with the Resil its still not hard to die in a global lol.


Divine Protection needs the cool down lowered, the amount of damage reduced up to 40% for both Physical AND magical AND usable while stunned.

Once Diving Shield is down you're pretty much toast.

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