LF Raiders available Sat.nights/Sun.afternoon

Hello!! Reborn from Ashes are looking for raiders to run ToT progression.If you only have Saturday nights free and sunday afternoons join us and help get some of the content down. We are not elitist jerks but like anyone, want to get the content down and have fun doing so with like minded players. We ask the everyone does their research on all fights! Currently we are looking for 1 tank non-pally,1 mdps prefer a DK, 1-2 rdps w/ 1 of the ranged being OS heals, laso would accept a monk w/OS heals. Raid times are Sat.night 930 to 1a.m. Sun.afternoon time TBD by all that raid Saturday night. Mail your interest or just wsp Koota or Jondice on stormrage realm. Hope to hear from all
This post is for peoples that don't have time to raid during the week and really only has time on the weekends, like us we have limited time but wana make the most out of it! We would also invite those that do already raid that can bring experience so whoever wants to come along hit me up by mail or in game and if not me give Jondice a holler!!
Day 3 still waitn lol
day 4!!
day6!! lol
I am a Death Knight Ilvl 503 and I am currently looking for a new guild to raid with. I don't stand in fire
If your still available i can hit you up in game i kinda gave up on this post but i will try and find you in game

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