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Is it better to level Tailoring as I level up or just wait till I reach top lvl then go back and do it. Right now it seems I need the gold I have worse than I need to buy plans and what mats I don't have. I'm leveling faster then the stuff I could make would do me any good. I've been selling mats on auction not leveling any professions. Is this something I'll regret later?

It is much easier to level a profession at 90, since you can easily go run through old dungeons/areas to gather mats, however you do miss out on profession bonuses while leveling. Not that huge a deal, you'd have leg enchants and cloak enchant for the cost of a few thread, it's nice to have but leveling is so easy now it's not a major thing to miss out on a few stats.
Thank you for your reply.
Tailoring/enchanting r better to start at lvl 5 and work up, much easier because you use the cloth when you loot it and can DE you old gear.

But if you start at 90 you'll either have to buy cloth from AH for high prices. farm it for many hours and make alts to get it as they lvl.
If I have a main on a server I'll do enchanting as I level. If I don't, I'll put it on a DK and save all my soulbound gear as I level so that I can power level it a bit later. I should add that I save greens as well, but they can circulate in an alts mailbox. The soulbound stuff has to stay in my bank...which gets pretty crowded at times.

My 600 enchanters are an 83 DK, 85 DK and 86 Paladin (which was an active raider during Cataclysm and has most BOA patterns).
It's easier to level tailoring/enchanting as you level the toon. I've done it after reaching the end game on this toon and as I leveled another toon and leveling the profession as you level the toon is easiest. If you have BoA gear and/or the refer-a-friend bonuses, you'd need a higher level toon who can farm cloth for you, partcularly in the wool (shadowfang keep) and silk (Scarlet Monastery) stages. Don't forget to do the darkmoon faire quest, too when you get the professions to 75.

Go to wow-professions.com and follow their leveling guides. You don't need every frickin' recipe that the trainers have. Just learn the ones that benefit your toon and any others that the guides specify. You can go back later and learn the rest when you're rich and level 90.
I just leveled Tailor on my mage (and enchanting on this one) again. You need a Huge Boatload of mats to powerlevel. Low-level mats are most times non-existent on AH or waaay too expensive.

So hoard whatever mats you pick up as you level (make alts, use their banks as storage).

Most professions are hardly beneficial to a leveling char, except some of the gathering will give you XP. You should do your secondary profs though. Gear will come from dungeons and quests and will outstrip whatever you can make and wear at your level.
I'd wait until level 70, then power-level tailoring to 350. Then I would go to Northrend and get Northern Cloth Scavenging, then level it to 600 as I leveled the character to 90.
Thank you all for the advice.
You can do either, I don't think you will regret anything. I leveled tailoring along with my character up until netherweave, but I needed help from a friend so maybe it is easier to just farm it later. At a point you start needing a LOT of cloth to level so you're likely to fall back. What I don't recommend is buying cloth in the AH, it's really expensive and it doesn't make sense since it's not that hard to get.

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