lvl 90 Resto Gear.

So I just hit 90 and started doing heroics. I have been doing fairly well, although my guild wants me to raid with them. So they push me to buy pvp gear through trading in my justice points for honor points.

Will it be more worth my while to do this or use the justice points for gear?

I am also trying to find upgrades are there any in Heroics to keep an eye out for?

On a side note while im not healing in heroics, I try and grind some gold out as Moonkin can anyone suggest any gear/sets to aim for to assist my moonkin spec. I think would be awesome to have a really high crit set.
The PVP set is fine to get your toes into raiding. A couple upgrades, and you'll have the ilevel to sleep your way through MSV LFR and get some PVE upgrades, as well as normal-raid upgrades.

Upgrades? Back, shoulder and head. Especially head. There's a quest chain in ... Townlong? Dread Wastes? that gives you a 450 helm, or Seige of Niazo Temple can hook you up as well.

I assume, also, that you are intending to enchant, gem, reforge.
I do put the best gems in I can but for time being as im just getting into raiding and gear is quite often it doesn't pay for me to enchant or reforge if im going to obtain upgrades quickly enough.
You can buy ilvl 458 gear with JP, or you can buy ilvl 476 gear with JP. It's a no brainer, the PvP gear wins (Blizzard completely failed here...).
Also do all four world bosses, I had the same helm mine off of galleon, now I'm a happy tree

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