Another 8pm shutdown

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The maint part I get, but WHY cant this be done at 10 pm our time? This is the second week in a row.

I'd like to see the Yanks get their maint at 8pm...the screaming would deafen Niagara Falls.
Careful! Last week when I complained about this a million screaming fanboys cried foul at me!

I wonder if they will refund the 2 months worth of unplayable game time per year we subscribe to?
Crying over peanuts.
Sorry, I had to check the date on this, I thought it was necro'd.

While we're all whinging, we could, you know, go back to the good old days of 3-4pm shutdowns.

What? No takers?
For me, they're typically 11pm-5am.

It's annoying - midnight to 6am would be preferable - but I just take them as 'enforced sleep', heh.

Of course, if you live in Aus (which I would take that you do) it is rather inconvenient. It's just that the servers are in the US, and their dead hours start around 3, so they shut down around then. They're doing maintenance over the whole system, not merely restarting, so they probably do them all at once.
I live in the US (east coast) but work 3rd shift. They run 6am-2pm my time so I can't play at all either. Feel your pain but just use it as an excuse to get some extra sleep.
stop complaining you noobs they wont change it pointless post
Yeah, the employees down in Anaheim should loose more sleep then they already do to cater to some random time zone. They already do 3am-11am to make it convenient for as many people possible, they aren't going to stress about, rotating time zones when extended maintenance is expected anyways.
You know, if Blizzard hosted Oceanic servers over on Taiwan, the latency would be better and the maintenance times would be reasonable. I just don't really understand why they need to hold the Oceanic servers in California. They could host it in Guam (US Territory) or in Hawaii (US State) Would be a lot closer to the Aussies/Kiwis.
Game is supported from the U.S., so you just kind of have to grin and bear it.

I don't like the fact World of Tanks shuts down at 2pm EST in the U.S., but it's just something I deal with because it's developed and supported in Russia.

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