Stormbreaker title - not account wide?

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Like the subject says. I got this achievement today and the actual achievement says it's account wide, however, since then I've exited the game a few times and the title is still not available for any of my alts. Looking for clarification if that is meant to be the case or if it's a bug. Thanks.

Edit: Finally working, but for the record it took over an hour and reloading ui, relogging, and even shutting down wow didn't help. I now have the option for my other 90's, but not for lower levels which is most likely what to expect.
I dont think it is. My Flamebreaker title isnt account wide either :P
It should be account wide.

I got it about 3 weeks ago and I use it on several alts.
I may be wrong but I'm pretty sure the fancy raid titles require alts to be a high enough level to possibly get that title in order to use it.
It should be account wide.

My Shado-master title is account wide.
Does it have a level requirement? Perhaps it is only for 90s. You may already have other 90s in which case I'm not sure what's wrong.
I updated my original post. It's working now but relogging and even shutting down wow for several minutes didn't do anything. Maybe a hotfix or just expect a very long delay.
Some achievements have a level requirement which is why your level 90's have the achievement while your lower levels do not.
It might be one of those titles that you have to be a certain level in order to use, such as my Champion of the Frozen Wastes or Kingslayer titles.

Though, I do know for whatever reason, Farmer isn't account wide at all, even at 90. You have to get exalted with the tillers on each alt in order to get the title, but for the Shado-Pan and Wakener title...I've seen lowbies running around with them all the time.

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