Amazing offer for investers.

I have a guild bank ive been using for storage and organizing my items to help sell etc. I am leaving in 26 days for about a year. Military reasons, even though i do not plan to quit the game, i am not going to have as much time as i would like to play the auction house anymore. In my guild bank i have the following:

1 tab of locked lockboxes
1 tab of all blues and epics boe
2 tabs of expensive mats worth 1.5k+ each stacks
2 tabs of transmog with the majority of the pieces being worth 5k+

All of these prices are correct and you can feel free to look them up on undermine journal.

Bidding will end may 25th or when i reach an offer i like. Overall the guild is worth 2m+ in items. I would like about 25% of that or so.

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