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I posted on here a week ago about spec, and most people suggested 60-85 as a tank. I got that out of the way, but I wanted to make sure my rotation is good. Guides go a little in depth compared to my level.

I pull with dizzying haze, expel harm for 2 chi, keg smash for two more (and to get aggro), bok for shuffle, then finish off with BoF. Is there a different way at going at this? I've been taking a lot of damage, and healers point this out.
yea. try to use the charge and line up some stuns.
Never open with dizzying unless you plan to kite the group
Keg smash opener always. keep it on cooldown always.
black out kick asap
tiger palm
jab or expel harm depending on your health pool at this time
Blackout again.
make sure shuffle is up 100% I pretty much never use the fire breath its a waste of good chi unless you want to cheese meters.
if shuffle is up you honestly should be good with just that in low level dungeons but use guard frequently if it wont drop shuffle. using it on cooldown isn't a bad thing just make sure to use tiger palm before hand (which you should also be keeping up.)
other then that Im not familiar with what skills you get when but if you have elusive brew try to use it on large damage mobs or pulls at the very least use it when it hits 15 stacks.

Also dont forget to use PB when you can afford the chi. Red = required PB Yellow = if you can spare the chi and feel like being nice to heals.

if you arent already you should grab some monk add ons or create some weak auras
I have several trackers for tanking and im not a big add on kind of guy.
I track tiger palm
Keg smash cooldown
power strikes
elusive brew
then i have a energy and chi bar set next to those trackers with a stagger meter set on top of those.

Lots of things to track but thats where the fun comes from :D
Pulling with Dizzying Haze is fine, definitely not necessary though. It prevents any possibility of instant healer aggro if you hit all mobs, and the 20 energy is going to regen by the time you get to the mobs anyways.

However after that your method gets pretty iffy, I wouldn't use expel harm as your first chi builder. Expel harm does no damage unless it heals you, and only generates 1 chi(it only generates 2 as WW) so you are going to have to use another ability anyways to get shuffle rolling. Always start out with either a stun if possible (Leg Sweep or Clash if you can set it up right) if not always start with keg smash first and immediately BoK for shuffle. ALWAYS have shuffle up, shuffle takes precedence over almost everything else.

Once shuffle is up THEN you can start thinking about Expel Harm or your lvl 30 healing talent to get you back up to full. Once you've got aggro for a few seconds and have a decent amount of vengeance rolling you can think about popping Guard(don't use it at the start of the pull because it's very weak without vengeance) make sure you threw up your power guard buff before you do for the extra 15% though. By the time your guard fades you should have at least a decent amount of Elusive Brew stacks so you can pop that. Obviously when possible you want to Purify when stagger gets too high(once you learn it at 70-something).

Unless whatever you are tanking hits very hard you should need next to no healing up until Elusive Brew fades.

I notice you said you are using BoF, are you using this regularily? If you are you should probably stop. In almost all cases you should BoK instead of BoF. BoF is great for trash damage(not bosses, they are immune to dizzying haze, so no dot) but unless you severely outgear the content or really need the dps for something putting those chi into more shuffle uptime or more Purifies is a much better move.

Like Wind said you definitely need sort of timers/addon to at the very least keep track of your shuffle and stagger.
Thanks a lot for the advice! I would pull with dizzying haze because I thought it would help with aggro. I have really bad shuffle uptime, so I'll have to work on that.
Keeping up Shuffle is the number one thing I am working on getting down, in low level dungeons you take so little damage that it doesn't really matter, but as soon as I hit Cata I actually had to focus a bit more.
If you arent already, use power strikes in these lower levels and for lower gearing its better chi generation till you have good haste values.
I don't know if you all know this and it may sound stupid but I literally didn't find this out till i hit 85 and I felt so stupid.
You can blackout kick to extend the duration of the previous shuffle. so if you are constantly generating chi you can just build up shuffle duration. I still have low haste values and im still getting up to 2 minutes + on my shuffle for some fights.
When i first started leveling I didn't notice it carried over so I always waited till there was a second or 2 till i refreshed with another kick. it was tough but fun.

If you haven't noticed already shuffle is your biggest thing. As someone said in another thread if you don't have shuffle you are basically a rogue tank. Brewmasters unlike bears do not get a armor % buff to their leather so we are completely reliant on shuffle. Nothing you can use will mitigate more damage then a 100% uptime shuffle.
windwaddler what addons you use for tracking your elusive brew? iv tryed weak auras and coudlnt figure it out
I use weak auras as well. Its a bit buggy I have the sticky setting checked but it sometimes will still give wrong info so I usually just take a quick look at my action bar.
I think weak auras just has trouble with tracking several things because my shuffle and keg smash work perfectly but the rest are sometimes a little wonky.

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