(H) Clean Sweep looking to reform raid team

Clean Sweep is looking to fill half a raid team, we are a few dedicated friends that turn up consistently and are skilled at their classes, we have fairly low progression in ToT (3/12) due to not being able recruit committed people and always missing a key member of a raid team and having to pug, so a few people have left for a group with more progression.

looking for interest in perhaps finding another group in a similar position to combine with, or anyone skilled and dedicated to join us.

vacancies - 1 Tank - DK, Paladin, Monk
2 Healers - Druid, Monk, Paladin, Shaman
2 DPS - Hunter, Warlock, Balance Druid

we are currently looking to raid 3 nights a week - wed/sun/mon 7.30svt till around 10.30 svt in a fairly relaxed friendly atmosphere, where everyone is supportive of each other.

if you are interested, post here or ask in game to Bazyli/Danava, Grizzin, Sonadra, Sandayu

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