<Kitchen Task Force> 2/13H Now Recruiting!

<Kitchen Task Force>

Kitchen Task Force is a newly founded ten man raiding guild, formed by two women who wanted to continue raiding together. We strive to be the best in everything we do and take pride in our achievements as players.

We know how to have a good laugh, but when something needs to die: we get it done.

We are looking for players who are not only excited to see raid times roll around, but who enjoy being part of a community of people who share similar interests.

We want to bring something new to the table and we want our raiders to succeed.


We are looking for players who understand their class, enjoy min/maxing and theory-crafting, understand fight mechanics and look for ways to improve on a continual basis.

Be gemmed, enchanted and prepared to the best of your ability. Part of this also means taking the time to research fights beforehand by watching videos, checking websites and keeping up with current content.

Take Initiative:

We want players who are vocally active in mumble and communicate well with each other. Raid awareness is a key factor in this equation and we expect our raiders to pay attention to their environment.

Current Needs:

Any/all exceptional players, are encouraged to apply.

- Currently in need of one shield tank

Times: Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday 8:00pm - 11:00pm EST
We may extend raid time if close to a kill.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact (Barberry#1104) in-game.


Friends are always welcome here: We love getting to know new people.
PST for an invite if interested.

We offer:

- Free guild repairs
- Invites to farm content
- A great little active community of players who enjoy hanging out with each other
I'm melting on the inside. furrealz
I enjoy gingerbread cookies.
Straight up/up/up
Hop, skip and a jump
le bump
First Raids tomorrow: Grabbing some kills. =)
le bump
Awesome Teaka is awesome!
Very much bump
6/12 now. Let's see where we end up after our first week.
Looking for the last piece to the puzzle! Come kill some bosses with us!
Another night: Another two bosses.
Bump Bump :D
Do you raid in the kitchen?
11/12** Ahem, first week. Lei Shen on mondayy.

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