Boomie PvP, someone stop me!!!!

So, ran out of resto stuff to buy with honor, ran out of BOEs to buy with honor or justice, so I've started buying boomie PvP gear.......

For the love of god, someone please stop me!!!!

I never really liked boomie, never really wanted to gear for it, but because I'm resto in PvP I've been doing all of my questing etc as I am used too it....

Is there any light at the end of this very long, dark tunnel? Or am I about to enter the 7th circle of hell?

Maybe I should start collecting a feral set?
I do believe that the correct answer to this question...... is 42
Collecting a feral set won't end there! I have a feral set and a resto set, and now I've picked up the moonkin set pieces to go with my other int pvp gear. Now I'm just terrified that I'll actually feel compelled to use it. >.>

And 42 is the correct answer to every question, you cheater.
Main spec feral ... was using extra honor to buy up a boomkin sent, but then i remembered that I despise playing ranged dps and promptly shard-ed the entire thing.
lol, I went out today and did some PvP as boomie. I am without a doubt, the worst player in history at playing a boomkin. At least I realized how many things I didn't have hot keyed correctly.

I still feel guilty q'ing as boomie though, knowing that I am much better at resto. It's tough to watch people die that you know you could have saved.
Yup, i feel you. I did the same thing. I'm actually getting good at Boomy but it really hurts when i try and spam weak heals on half dead teammates.
It's taking a while to get into a DPS mindset but its almost the same style of play. Instead of Rejuv and Lifebloom I have Starfire and moonfire ...instead of macroed NV,treeform, trinket I have macroed Super moonkin,NV, trinket and Celestial alignment.
The one thing that is taking me a minute to coordinate is Vortex/Solar Beam.
But it when pulled off fast, it's a super healer stomper.
I got mostly tyranical feral set, however I recently farmed my honor moonkin set because it goes better with the comps my friends usually are. If you plan to do massive aoe dmg, and like tab targeting dotting, moonkin is better for you. They are always needed in rbgs and at least on my server, you will see lf moonkin rbgs quite often. When I was feral, you will almost never see lf feral. So as a feral, it will be a bit more difficult to enter rbgs. However, you can guardian and easily enter rbgs as a flag carrier. As a feral, you will have a lot more single target dps and can easily solo people, whether healer, orb carrier or flag carrier.

So in the end, its your choice of play style. Moonkins are more popular in rbgs and ferals are more popular in arena. (excluding ferals that mix w/ guardian in rbg)
Pvp boomkins get all the ladies (or men if that's your thing).
Boomkins scale well is what people say

people say that like they are holding out hope, you aren't going to be on a mages level just because you got your conquest gloves enchanted

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