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So coming up I plan on taking the girlfriend out to the movies and a dinner. Anyways.. We both agreed on that we could take a stop at Gamestop to browse around. She wants a League of Legends card so I found that to be my ticket to go without sounding like a big nerd.

I'm looking more along the lines of older games for the 360. I've mostly been sticking to sports mainly. I'm looking for either action, gta style? I played the first Saints Row and wondering if any other game is close to that? I don't usually buy console games due to most of my games are on PC.

Just trying to see what titles I should aim for first.
I never played saints row 1 or 2 but I have been going away at Saints row the third and it is excellent. Although its a newer game which you explicitly said older games. Can't help you much aside from that recommendation

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