Reckoning LFM TOT 499+ ilvl

Looking to start raiding ToT but haven't had the time until now? Then I have an opportunity for you! Reckoning (10 Man) on Kel'thuzad (Alliance) is currently seeking the following classes to start ToT Progression:

Prot Paladin

H Pally
Resto Shaman (with Elemental Offspec preferably)

Other tanks and healers will be taken into serious consideration.

Raid times are 6pm to 8:30pm Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday MOUNTAIN STANDARD TIME.

Reckoning is a close knit guild of veteran players who value the importance of Real Life® priorities while still enjoying the game together. If you're interested in joining our ranks please contact the following for more information!


Always recruiting exceptional players of all types and now is the perfect time to transfer or

Thank you for your time!
I am a long time player and raider in wow. I raided back in BC in one of the top 7 guilds on suramar called honor and friendship. I currently am on Kel' Thuzad looking for a progression raiding guild that has TOE and HOF mostly cleared trying i progress to TOT. I leveled and geared my rogue o what it is today in four weeks so if you are startin TOT progression i will be geared in no time. My main goal is to be apart
Of a core raid team that raids between 5-12pm server time work for me. I have a felxible scheduel and I am always online daily. Whisper me if there is any positions for serious core positions, gamer tag is Jizzebel. My item level is currently at 496 but went from lvl 1 to 90 and gears to this day in 5 weeks i am committed and trying to get into a core raid team for end game content.
/bump. Please apply online or contact an officer in game.
/bump 500 + ilvl 80k min dps
/bump for ot
512 Blood Dk interested in OT spot
/bump for melee
/bump tanks and healers
/bump for friends

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