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Herro! we are looking for a MW to take up a full time spot on our roster! we would like to talk to you!

<Outlandish> - 25-man Progression Guild on US-Velen

Currently looking for: We're looking for any strong DPS or Healers right now. If you're stuck in normal modes and have the drive and skills to do more, we'd love to talk with you! If you're a returning player with previous hardmode experience, we'd love to talk with you!

Our raid times: 9 hours per week. We raid 6pm-9pm PST, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

Progression Status: 5/13H

Server Details: Velen is PvE with a medium-high population, with a fairly balanced Alliance to Horde ratio (1 ally: 0.7 horde, roughly). Server time is pacific time but is physically located in New York. Velen was created in BC, but has steadily climbed in server rankings with every expansion.

Why choose Outlandish? What makes this guild special?

- Efficiency: With only 9 hours, we get as much real raiding done as possible. People voluntarily clear trash early so that we’re pulling the boss right at 6pm. With skilled, self-reliant, and prepared raiders, we do not waste time!

- Community + History: Outlandish has been around since 2009 and is the largest active raiding guild on the server. We recruit only mature players, including many old fogies and couples in their 30s, so drama is not a thing that happens here. We have had 4 guild “meet-ups” thus far at Blizzcon, Las Vegas, and elsewhere. Basically players never leave the guild unless they’re leaving the game!

- Non-raiding activities: As many of our members are dedicated achievement hunters (25 members currently have more than 15k achievement points), there are always people ready and willing to do PVP, old raid content, challenge modes, and everything else.

Our Expectations: You should be an amiable, fun person to play a game with on a regular basis. You should be flexible and be capable of taking and giving suggestions without getting defensive or angry. You must notify us of all upcoming absences so we can plan ahead. You must be tolerant of diversity and eager to play in a big community.

Bottom line: if you want a long term home that does epic 25 person raiding without making you raid more than 9 hours/week, this is an ideal location! Please apply at our website and we’ll contact you about having an interview on our Mumble server.

Contact us at our website (apply here!): http://outlandish.dkpsystem.com
Or an officer in person for questions: Gistwiki (Gistwiki#1686,) Morwen, Park, Dukc, or Ellamist (ellimist113#1794)
[H] <RAIDING RAINBOWS> [25Man] - [Illidan-US]

Currently US 19th for 25man - 11/13 [H]
RAID TIMES: (Server Times / CST)
Monday-Thurs 7:45 - 11:00
Sunday 6:45 - 11:00
(We try to raid when we have 25 capable players online and extend when we can.)

Loot: Council

Looks like you may be looking for a new guild, we are the Raiding Rainbows and here's a little bit about us! We are a hardcore progression oriented guild, we have been on Illidan since our form during the start of Wrath of the Lich King.

About Us

We still have raiders / officers that were with the guild when we originally formed. Everytime new content comes out we push as hard as we can to finish at a top spot and have been able to achieve our goal nearly every tier. While raids are very serious, during farm content we joke around and have fun like every other progression guild. If you are an exceptional player please do not hesitate, continue reading!

Duh Winning is currently looking for an exceptional Mage to fill a core spot on our team.

Raid Size: 10-man
Schedule: Fri/Sat/Sun -- 10pm to 4 am PST.
Progression: 9/13 H ToT
Server: US-Ner'zhul
Loot system: Loot council
Website: http://duhw.enjin.com

Feel free to add our raid leader at: Harekrsna#1443 or add me at: Ath#1777 if you have any more questions/concerns.
Hey, if you don't mind joining a 11/13H guild as a healer, I would love to speak with you. Sent you an in game friend request as well :)

Huge in Japan is currently US 23rd 25 man, 11/13 HM, and we're looking for competent players to join our ranks.

We raid
Monday-Thursday 6:30-11:00 PST

If you'd like to talk to one of our officers contact Martencar, Zlanis, Yetibear, Kerplunkk, Phys, or if you just want to chat for a few minutes feel free to add me to battletag: JaceDK#1316

Apply at http://www.huge-guild.net/index.php?board=3.0
<Relentless Onslaught> US-Zul'jin

Relentless Onslaught has a long history of successful raiding and we are continuing that tradition in 5.2 We are currently 7/12 ToT 10/16H and looking forward to improving upon that for Throne of Thunder

We are raiding 3 days a week; Mon-Wed from 7:30-11:00EST.

We are aimed at the high quality player that no longer wishes to raid full time but still enjoys killing content and wants a relaxed, fun environment to play in.

If you think you fit this description then feel free to visit our website at relentlessonslaught.enjin.com.

At the current time we are in need
- Boomkin/Resto
- Holy Pally
- MW Monk
- Warlock
- Prot Pally
- Dps hunter

Current Progression
T11- 13/13
T12- 6/7H
T13- 8/8H
T14- 10/16H
T15- 3/13H
Good morning!
Hey! You look like a really solid player and I or the raid leader would definitely be interested in talking to you.

<Opponent> on US-Stormrage is currently recruiting for our 25 man. We're currently working on improving our core roster and replacing underperformers. We've recently expanded our 10 (which was 15/16h) man to this 25 man in preparation, and are currently recruiting to fill missing slots. Raid times are Tu-Thurs from 7:00 eastern to 11:00 eastern, with optional Sunday and Monday raids, where we drop our raid size to 10 man and continue progression, allowing everyone as much or as little play time as they wish outside of normal raid hours.
We currently have a high need for:
- Warlocks
- Shadow Priests
- Boomkins
- Elemental Shamans
- All Healers
And of course if you can't commit to a raid schedule, bench players are always welcome.
You can contact the raid leader at djphoenix#1202.
Our site is http://www.opponent-guild.com if you're interested in exploring, filling out an application, or seeing what we're all about.
Some quick links you may be interested in...
Guild Code of Conduct: http://opponent-guild.com/conduct
Team Rules: http://opponent-guild.com/forum/m/1902711/viewthread/5953232-triple-dragon-team-rules
Look forward to hearing from you!
On my DK at the moment named Dåisuke
<Dysfunction> of Kel'Thuzad is recruiting competent raiders for Heroic 25 man raiding.

Guild summary
Semi-hardcore 25 man raiding guild.
!DKP loot system.
Guild level 25
Tier 15: 9/13 - 25 Heroic
Tier 14: 16/16 - 25 Heroic
Tier 13: 8/8 - 25 Heroic
Tier 12: 7/7 - 25 Heroic
Tier 11: 13/13 - 25 Heroic
Raid times
Sunday - Wednesday from 8:30pm to 12am CST
About Kel'Thuzad (PVP)
Kel'Thuzad is one of the original 43 PvP servers that were opened upon the release of World of Warcraft, and is named after the lich Kel'Thuzad. The server runs at Mountain Standard Time.

KT usually goes between "Full" and "High" status and is extremely active. The realm has a player base intensely active in both PVE and PVP play and currently has an Alliance to Horde ratio of approximately 6 to 1. It is also one of the few alliance servers with multiple 25 man opportunities, seemingly not being hit by the 10 man exodus quite as hard. Ranked #1 for Population of PVP Alliance Servers
Quality heroic raid experience while content was current and an outstanding understanding of your class and specialization. There is an expectance of proper gemming and enchanting with current World of Log parses.

We're currently recruiting for Mists of Pandaria. We're always looking to increase our ranks with veteran and skilled players. Therefore, even if your class or spec isn't listed on our website, feel free to apply!
How to apply
Website: http://www.dysfunctionkt.com/
Contact: Memnark, Wuvs, Nalkin or Disperse
BattleTag: Disperse#1830

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