526ilvl MW Monk 6/13H LF Raiding Guild

Guild Recruitment
I am very interested in you and I would love to chat with you
We are in need for both dk and monk.
We are a Horde Guild on Cho'gall and 4/13 heroic in ToT and currently working on Heroic Ji-Kun.
We raid on tuesday,wednesday thursday at 6pm-10pst and monday(clean up or pushing progression). We have very friendly and stable raiding environment.
So hit me up if you are interested in us
www.lustingontrash.com is our website,feel free to hit us with an app.
Hi there! :)

Serious Casual's 25-man group [RUM] is currently recruiting to fill a slot for a skilled healing Monk. The guild was originally formed to be a place for ex-Elitist Jerks to continue to raid in a serious environment with a lighter schedule, and we still maintain an affiliation with EJ. We are horde-side on Mal'Ganis. The server is high population with a flourishing AH and no login queue.

We raid 3 nights per week, for a total of 9 hours. The schedule is 8:30-11:30 EST on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Mondays.

We are 3/13 heroic, with Jin'rokh, Horridon & Ji-Kun down. We have a solid raid team of dedicated, skilled players and even with the light schedule we are serious about clearing heroic content. Many players are working professionals with spouses and families so we greatly value having plenty of personal time and weekends outside of raid times, while still killing bosses!

Currently we have no MW Monk and we think you'd be a great addition to the team!

For more information please check out our website. seriouscasualrum.com

If you'd like to talk in game, please add my battletag Spinalcrack#1469 or message me in-game at either Spinalcrack or Spinaltaker on Mal'Ganis. I'm happy to help answer any questions.

Thanks! :)
Hello Temåri

You are exactly the type of person that this guild was formed to attract. We would love to have your DK run with the team that is forming up. Below is our pitch on who we are and how the guild is run.

Tired of all the angry and negative people that play warcraft? Tired of a supporting a guild that really caters to only to a select few? Tired of being ignored. If the answer is "Yes" to any of the statements above, then come on over to GOOD CRUSHING .

GOOD CRUSHING is a level 12 raiding guild that was formed eleven days ago on April 18, 2013 by experienced players (all answered "Yes" to a question(s) above) that are nice people for nice people. The basis of the guild is to respect your fellow players, have fun while progressing through raid content and to defeat the Horde along the way. :)

We are in the process of setting up multiple raid teams and this is where you come in. We are LF nice people that wish to be part of a team that will work together to become proficient (if not already) at raiding, PvP and if we are all lucky, make some friends along the way.

Please contact Parkley (Guild Master), Sverra, Daverrion, Hephaestian or Loueey if you are interested in Good Crushing.

Hope to see you soon.

Loueey, Raid Leader of Good Crushing's team "Party Down Below" that is currently 1/12 ToTK and raids on Wednesday and Monday night at 6:00PM server.
We're looking for a MW, doing paid faction/server for the right candidate - hit me up on RealID to talk more: Vaxum#1526.
Adapt is 4/13H (15/16H T14) and looking to add 1-2 great healers to the roster - people who can knock our socks off with their execution and output on progression content, demonstrate comprehensive knowledge of their class, and help improve the people around them through their positive attitude and team-first outlook.

A little more about the guild - we are a mature, drama-free 25-man guild with a long, stable history. Formed during Wrath from a set of folk who had been playing together casually since BC, we had solid 25-man progression during Cataclysm, capturing almost all server 1st 25-man kills and ending the expansion at US 128. During Mists we have continued this trend, clearing normal mode content the week of release, improving ranks with each new heroic kill, and ending T14 at 15/16H (6/6H MV, 6/6H HoF, 3/4H ToES) with a US85 rank.

All of this is accomplished on a relatively light schedule - we raid 8-12 PST on Tues/Wed/Thur. There is also plenty to do outside of raids - our guild is home to many high-playtime folk, there are multiple social/alt runs during the week, and we have a lot of folk that like to PvP, farm achievements/dailies, run LFR for ranks & to test things out, do retro raids or pet/mount runs, etc.

Check us out at www.adaptguild.com or contact me via BattleNet at Vaxum#1526.
bump. working on a 10page paper wooo!
Taken of Kil'jaeden! 25man 3-nights/week, Semi-Hardcore Raiding!
Website : taken-guild.com
Progression: Normal (12/12) Heroic (3/13)

Raid Schedule:

Wednesday - 9PM EST - 1AM EST (6PM PST - 10PM PST)
Sunday - 9PM EST - 1AM EST (6PM PST - 10PM PST)
Monday - 9PM PST - 1AM EST (6PM PST - 10PM PST)

Current Recruitment:
We are willing to consider any applicant, but we do have specific needs in the following:
• Death Knight (Unholy/Frost)
• Druid (Resto/Bal)
• Hunter
• Mage (Frost/Fire)
• Priest (Holy/Disc/Shadow)
• Monk (MW)
• Warlock

Server Information:
Bloodlust Battlegroup
Los Angeles Datacenter
Pacific Realm Time

About Us:
Created in December of 2012, Taken was created with the sole intent of reaching US T100. We are looking to compete with some of the most widely known guilds for the prestige of pushing heroic content. Our raiders are some of the highest performing players of their spec and class.

What We Expect:
We like people who can raid with a competitive mindset and still conduct themselves as adults. We dislike drama and we have little regard for those who inspire drama.

Mogu'Shan Vaults - Normal [6/6] Heroic [6/6]
Heart of Fear - Normal [6/6] Heroic [5/6]
Terrace of Endless Spring - Normal [4/4] Heroic [1/4] (Lei Shei)

In-game contact:
Gankatronn (Hotshift#1364)
Anthuan (Hellwolf#1242
finished ma paper. getting on wow shortly
Added you on RealID, but here's my spam, cause I know you'll just love it!

---wall of recruitment spam crits you for 400k---

So what's your guild?
[25] [H] The Inner City Gym
Cho'gall (PvP, 13:1 H:A ratio (for those who want a PvP server without all those pesky Alliance players!))
7/13H (US62 25man)

Do you even lift?
Yes. In fact, we even have a vent channel devoted to the fact that we even lift.

Do you even have a theme song?
Actually, yeah. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jNKLn0A-1CM

Okay, okay . . . jeez. When do you raid?
Tuesday: 10-1 EDT
Wednesday: 10-1 EDT
Thursday: 10-1 EDT
Sunday: 9-1 EDT

But who do I contact?
Trolflcopter (Recruitment): Amneris#1754
Cheated (GM): Global4545@aol.com/Lacer#1820

(aol? More like lol, amirite?)
400k crit...DAYMMMM
You finished a 10 page paper hella fast!

Hello <Fish Tank> is 5/13H (low % wipes on Council and Meg) is looking for a Monk to round up our healer core so we can get back to progressing.

This is for an immediate core spot

We are a dedicated guild that has faced adversity this tier and have come out shining every time. We are progression oriented but the atmosphere is light and friendly.

Raid days: M-T-W-TH 9-12 est (12 hours total)

Battle Tag: Elbareth#1226
Happy Mothers Day everyone!

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