R.I.P. Jeff Hanneman

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Hell has a new leader and his name is Jeff....

Today, we shall all Reign in Blood!
First thing I thought when I heard this yesterday:

Right now Satan is running around Hell yelling, "He's coming! Look busy!"

There is a giant hole in the metal world, now. So long, Jeff.
Never much got into slayer even though i lost most metal but its still sad when such a major influence in a genre dies.

But seriously, R.I.P.

Haunting the Chapel and Show No Mercy are absolute essentials. I'm not a major Slayer fan, but this really sucks. I had no idea his health was that bad. 49 is way too young.
I agree. Show No Mercy was the first metal album i ever had. A friend stole it from his older brother and gave it to me when I was 6. I would sneak and listen to it.
RIP Jeff, as well as Slayer. There's no way they can continue without him. You had a great run guys.
I do recall in an interview Kerry King had that Jeff was the only one in the band that still drank. Everyone else pretty much sobered up. Counting that and his spider bite incident could also have been a contributing factor in his death as well. If you read up on wikipedia about what contributes to liver failure....... cirrhosis is one of the factors.
R.I.P., though I never listened to much of Slayer's music.
I feel saddened by his loss. Then again, the impact is profound on me, as I've been listening to slayer for ~24 years now.
Apparently westboro wants to protest at his funeral

Yes. Go anger a army of metal heads. You go do that.

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