10man guild LF 3 more as we go into heroics

Bleeding Hollow
Hero Squad is a pve raiding guild made up of working adults.
Raid times are Tues, Wed, and Thurs from 9-12.
We use the EPGP loot system for current raiding.
For voice communication we use Mumble.
We are currently 12/12.

We had some real life issues that meant we had to cancel several raids, but we are starting heroics this week and need to fill out our roster.

We currently need
1. A plate tank
2. A dps warrior, priest, or shaman
3. A healing priest, or paladin

You won't be benched if accepted; we use a rotating system based on loot and composition for fights.

If you want to apply, send an in-game mail to Warmmanger.

You can also join our forums and find out more on our website: http://www.herosquadguild.com/
:D good luck recruiting!
We also accept graduate students with almost no agenda and enviable amounts of free time.
You won't be judged for job, your student status or your lack of either

Unless you are an international spy; We only have room for one.
Still looking for more!
LFM 10M Heroics
Just FYI this is an extremely fun group to run with. If my current guild does not get it act together I might consider a faction change. But if you are interested in a serious raid scene that has a ton of fun check these guys and gals out.
Trowbz autocorrects to frowns. He also can't post here hauehsuehsu
Bumps like a truck (truck, truck).
Still looking!
If you don't like the in-game option you can also send an email indicating your interest, availability and experience to replica.hs@gmail.com
LFM - Alt run this weekend. Booze mandatory.
b u m p
Trowbz autocorrects to frowns. He also can't post here hauehsuehsu

Lies and slander

Now recruiting a Warlock as well as the specs listed above
Not sure if you could make use with a BrM/WW monk, but on the off chance you are. Here I am. While my ToT experience may be lacking, I learn quick and am a very dedicated guildie. Thanks!
Still looking for:

Non-monk tank
Healing Priest or Holy Paladin
Warlock / Elemental Shaman DPS
What about a holy paladin and hunter?

Willing to transfer/faction change
It seems like Blizzard nerfed druid so badly :)
Only moonkin is still in demand fortunately

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