Mistweavers in PvE

For all you mistweavers running heroic content, how well are you competing against other healers at the moment? I'm finishing up my mistweaver as I see a TON of people wanting to recruit us like crazy.

Are our heals that great with higher ilvls? I usually heal the few dungeons I can now, but level as brewmaster so I can't really say I'm extremely in depth with the whole workings of a mistweaver.

I always seemed to hate having a monk healer when I was tanking dungeons with my warrior as I felt they were fairly weak with their heals, but that was also when you had to fistweave. I have always enjoyed healing, as I had a holy pally as my main waaaay back in vanilla. Just wanting to hear about all of your experiences while gearing your monks, and how well you seem to be doing on the charts during the hardcore progression compared to some of the other healers.
Because of the change to soothing mist and how it consistently generates chi, our mana regen has gone through the roof. Allowing mistweavers to gem full int and drop all their spirit.

This in turn, with high ilvl's has turned mistweavers into a class that never ooms with the highest sustained/burst throughput out of all the healers.

We're balanced by the fact that renewing mist is kind of dumb.
However we're in a pretty strong spot.
Awesome! So will I need to worry about spirit at lower ilvls for mana regen, or just focus on int/crit?
At lower levels I have been doing fine with the gear you get from quests/dungeons and my BoAs that have 0 spirit. The only time I had any issues was when I had to use Surging Mist a lot. Now that I have some other spells and CDs available I have no issues.

This toon is only 71, however, I do have a level 83 MW and didn't ever need to reforge or anything.

Good luck.

P.s. Glyph the Mana Tea :)
Oh the mana tea is glyphed!
I rank on every hard mode fight and I raid with a resto shaman/resto druid and consistently out heal them.
yea just watching some heroic progression streams i am seeing mistweavers pull insane numbers. they seem harder then the other healers imo. I haven't found a guide really and I only heal when i get bored in some dungeons just to practice. seems alright with the meh gear and i don't really quite know what im doing.

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