Just came back need gearing help for prot.

Okay so I just came back and I am gearing up my tank again, things seem to have changed for a interesting pace but I have a few questions that I can't seem to find a -good- argument for some of the info in certain places seems a bit dated.

Haste or Mastery - From my understanding haste gearing is still working in 5.2, it causes more damage but from my understanding you have to time your SotR's in order to stay alive? Are you Squishy going full haste, also how much damage above a mastery build? And from my understanding Mastery is kind of a even ground between avoidance, being a balance between dps and survivability. Being less Squishy than haste, but not as good as avoidance but still doing okay dps.

I am not sure how I should gear. My particular fear is that since I will be in mostly mixed LFR gear, that if I try to run for haste I will have a issue finding a guild due to them thinking I am not playing correctly since I have not tanked this expact. Also is there a shadow pan assault rep trinket that is good for prot pallys? I am kinda hearing no there isnt...

(Note: Yes I am still gearing up nothing is enchanted or geared in a certain aspect, trying to do it as fast as possible currently running LFR's. So looking for advice on how best to proceed since I do not know the optimal way to go as of yet.)
Haste is still an excellent stat choice for 5.2 for prot

I recently began tanking and chose to gear for haste, and I love it. There hasn't been any particular fight that I feel squishy on but I'm only 8/12 in normal ToT. As for your SoTR timing question, with a good haste build I find I am spamming it more often then not, because you build HP so quickly. However, there are some boss moves I try to plan a well timed SoTR to mitigate damage, but it is not a use it here or die type instance.

Valor Trinkets, the expertise/str proc one is great for prots, it helps you hit that exp cap easier and allows for more reforges to haste. (There are some better prots out there that can go more in depth on this.)

Dps wise, you will see better dps output with a haste build, but if you chose to go mastery/avoid dont let that be the only thing to sway you. In the end pick what play style you enjoy more.
Haste is our best secondary stat (one you reach your all-important 7.5% hit and 15% expertise marks, of course) as a Prot Paladin. How much you value your personal damage output can definitely impact just how far you place Haste above Mastery and Dodge/Parry, but Haste's powerful damage smoothing effects are just too obvious and overwhelming to really counteract.

Haste smooths out your damage intake by giving you a lot more Holy Power, allowing you to put up Shield of the Righteous more often (a higher uptime on that buff, as opposed to a lower uptime but higher potency, means a smoother damage intake). The bigger draw though is that Haste also works extremely well with Sacred Shield, which scales so extremely well with Vengeance - SS absorbs start getting extremely powerful in Throne of Thunder, to the point where I can account for 40-45% of my own healing recieved (in 25's) just by keeping SS up and through Seal of Insight passively healing me. Oh... and Seal of Insight also triggers more often with Haste rating.

Mastery is definitely a strong stat, but you should view it as a supplement to your Hit/Exp/Haste stats - something to boost your stats that increase your ShoR uptime, not a huge draw unto itself.

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