Fishing... A necro'd horse

Dunno why I'm even trying but here goe's

Dear Blizzard.....

Dear someone who will listen.......

Dear Diary

( Thats more like it )

It has been too long that fishing has gone ignored ( yes ignored ) and needs an over haul of its whole sad state.

Basically fishing is just clicking to cast / clicking a bobber to recieve. Your levels entitle you to not catch as much junk ( something not right with that layout ). This is a rather sad state and is no fun or exciting at all. Please change this as I am aware I am not the only one who is disapointed with the way things are. Here are some suggestions ( as I'm sure you have had many ) to improve this.

1: Instead of click cast / click recieve, let's have more real world variables, such as weather / lure / rod / location / and perhaps incorporate a mini game such as fighting / tiring the fish out. Make it more realistic and fun.

2: Instead of decreasing junk cast's as you gain levels, lets unlock better and rarer fish that is more obtainable as you climb the level ladder. The higher the level, the better the fish you can catch and perhaps even unlock legendary at max levels with fishing equipment bonuses. All those long hours of grinidng for levels, I feel entitled to be catching stuff lower levels cannot.

Please blizzard show you are listening and please do something about this to show you care at least a little?

Anyone who agrees with me in this please sign this and perhaps we *may* see some changes from blizzard in regards to the poor state fishing is in.

Signed: Sathyr
1. As long as it takes 20 seconds or less. Time is money, friend. I don't fish for an approximation of bass fishing out on the lake. I fish because it is a good way to relieve stress and make some gold in the game.

2. Used to be this way and people complained it took too long to level. Now you can fish everything with a skill level of 1. Really no need to level skill at all these days except higher skill produces less junk and makes fishing more profitable.

Not saying that Fishing can't be improved but professions really aren't a game of skill or chance. Fishing is not that much different than any other profession. Click a button and get a result.

Petitions or having people sign your ideas are against the community rules, just an FYI. Discussions are welcome however.
I do not want fishing to be more difficult or time consuming. I'd actually hate having to "fight" the fish, though choosing where I place my lure with some degree of certainty would be a real boon.

I don't really like your first idea if it's going to make fishing, an already time consuming profession, even more time consuming. However I think giving it some love in the form of new rods and bonuses is an idea worthy of consideration. The Anglers is a fun faction but once you're done, you're done and I'd like not to be done. Being able to fish up very rare rares would give incentive to those of us who fish.

It took me four years to get my turtle... and kept me fishing.
I don't like the idea of making fishing itself a mini-game. After a shortwhile you'll just be going through the motions anyway, so I'll take the version where I can sit with a beer, relax while talking with people, and catch some fish.

Agree on wanting cooler rewards or more interesting stuff for us to fish up. The Anglers rewards are pretty lame, and most of the dailies don't even require fishing. I like the daily fish swarms that we get, and fishing stuff up like the Krakkanon. Hopefully one day they'll let us fish off of our turtle.
I like both of your points. I really enjoy fishing in WoW and wish they would expand it.
fishing is for jockeys

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