Achieve pt total glitch?

So, in-game I have 16390 but on this character it only shows 14725 points. Why is it off more than 1600 points just on this character? It shows the proper achievement points for my two active alts that I play on their avatars, but not this character (my main). What's causing this glitch?
The forums aren't exactly great at updating character achievement points. I just transferred my priest and I get a forum ID that says I have 0 achievement points, while I actually have 18395.

Did you transfer or faction change/name change your toon in the past?
I did, but that was during Cata, right around the time Firelands came out. And this glitch is only recent -- within the past month or so.
My main character during cata + tier 14 updates everyday, but this one (my new main) never updates. Sucks when you have 12915 and it shows 6k :(
What's happening here is you have the box tucked away in the Interface menu somewhere that says "Only Display Character Achievements" checked. Account-wide achievements (all Pet Battle-related ones, raiding metas, etc.) do not count as "character achievements" and as such will not display on the armory, or count towards the total displayed there; they are only visible to you, and only in-game.

You'll note, for instance, that if you click on your Dungeon and Raid achievement tab on the armory, and click (for example) Classic Dungeonmaster, it will show up as unearned despite the fact that every single criteria for it is checked off.

Similarly, any achievements not earned on the character you're posting on (as in Malahierba's case) will not count towards that character's armory-displayed total unless you log in and uncheck the option.

TL;DR: it's a choice between privacy and brag rights.

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