Im Done Guys.

Hey all,

I have played this game a long time, but due to outside circumstances i am leaving the game.
To everyone who ever helped me, laughed with me or loved me i wanted to say i love you to.

Shoutouts for this would take far to long so i will instead hope you all post after me so i can thankyou for your words at the end.

<3 Sophrenia
Thanks for all the memories Soph, sad that you're leaving, but it was fun playing with you!

Good luck in the future!

1/10 =(

give me your gold.
dead server dead game

also bye soph :(
this was probs the only thing that could make me post in this garb realm's forums again

that's really sad to hear soph =( you'll be back, right?
I'd prefer it if you didn't leave....whatever happens you know where to find me or any of your other friends should you need anything from us *hugs* take care and don't leave our lives dammit :p
Sux to see ya go sweety hope ya come back to us soon xoxo
:( going to miss you so much hope you come back to us one day. its just not going to be the same without our late night chats. hope your happy with whatever you decide to do and if you need to chat or anything you know where to find me ;D take care babe
what is this garbage suck ups

its a game losers

people still making good bye threads, like you have cancer and is leaving the world. lol
bye soph :<
Bye Soph.

people still making good bye threads, like you have cancer and is leaving the world. lol

Please don't compare cancer to me leaving the game.

We all know my departure would be a much more tragic experience.

P.S. BYE SOPH! :) I'm sorry if I killed you and things in the past, it was Starfall, I swear.
Good luck with your endeavours IRL, you'll be back though, nobody leaves, we sold our souls.
This thread just got really gay
we sold our souls.

Soph, all your friends are horde.
back so soon?
Yeah it was basically some stuff in life was gunna stop me playing but it didn't go that way after all. i would like to cut back a little tbh but i just have so much dam free time.

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